ESL (Electronic Shelf Label)

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ESL (Electronic Shelf Label)

Electronic shelf label to replace traditional paper price label, each ESL is connected with an emporium computer database. Displaying the latest product information like pricing. Epaper price tag successfully computerizes shelf label, no manual interference necessary, realize consistency between POS and shelf label.

ZBTECH as a smart electronic shelf label manufacturer in China supports you to customize your own electronic shelf labels.

Etags colours: black & white & red, black & white & yellow, black & white
Frequency: RFID 433Mhz, Anti-mobile phone, and other WIFI equipment interference
Working temperature for e ink price tag:-25°to 40°
Communication: Real-time, 2-way communication
Battery Life: 5 yrs. replaceable on-site


Traditional paper label

Frequent manual intervene, high labor cost, high error rate. ( manual replacement: average 2 minutes each)

Average error rate 6%, label drop rate 2%
Price label and POS price inconsistence caused by low replacement efficiency is taken as price fraud
Label, ink, printing, labor cost involved in paper labeling

Benefits of electronic shelf labels

Digital shelf-edge displays help change price quickly and on time: tens of thousands changes in seconds, consistency between POS and ESL

Error rate 0.00001%
Increase price promotion frequency
Battery life: Five years
Electronic price tags for grocery stores can deep store impression, improve customer satisfaction, etag colors can be three, more vivid
Lower labor cost, management cost, and contingent expense


ESL systems & How do electronic shelf price tags work

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E ink label systems are very simple for using and employee training, our team will support you. This digital price tag is real-time, fast, and accurate price management. Help you save much labor cost and attract more clients.

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Electronic shelf label technology is the best choice for your warehouse management, save time and cost. It’s a fashion price tag with features of efficient, information-based, management mode upgrade. Help you reduce mistakes.

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Pricer smart tag change the price for chain convenient stores cut 9 steps into 2 steps. This esl tags also good for medical industry:

Intelligent monitoring: real-time, fast and accurate understanding of drug invoicing information, avoiding information errors and delays.

New medical empowerment: an efficient, informative model that allows patients to enjoy the speed of temperature.

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Electronic shelf label (esl) market

Supermarket electronic price tags for Brand promotion

Compare to conventional paper labeling, pricer e ink tag has multi advantages. Core value is that it enables store dynamic pricing control in a fast and accurate way. Implements head quarter remote control of sub store price. Easy for price strategy, less customer complain and lower labor cost, improve store image.

Besides, better user impression, by customer-made labels, extra feature is possible as media advertising, brand promotion. Digital price display is the best choice for retail market.

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Shelf edge labels software

Customized software facilitate information flow and management of merchandise

Base Station

Transmitting information to specific base station via network

Price Changes

Price and information changes received and updated by tag


Base station received confirmation of changes and report results to server

RFID Tag Maker