ISO18000-6C UHF RFID Steel Wire Security Seal

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Security Seal Description:

An RFID security seal with a unique serial number used to identify roll-containers. In its tamper-proof function, it allows to control access to the goods(for example in a four-sided security roll container):the sealed state(tampered/untampered)is detected and read immediately when passing through the gate.

We offer high-quality Security Seals which are highly reliable, durable and tamper proof. These high-quality seals are made by ABS+Acrylic+Steel Wire.  Further, these are highly appreciated by our clients for their high performance as compared to other similar security seals.

Goodwin launched this new UHF security seal with high quality security, gained a good market for our clients.

Nowadays, most customers use it for the management of electric meter box and water meter box, and some also use it for the bank and airport luggage security.




Steel Wire Security Seal Description:

Item Name: RFID Security Seal

Size: 83*35mm

Material: Acrylic + ABS + Steel Wire

Print Area: 18*25mm

Break strength: 60kgs

Hasp diameter: 1mm

Laser marking: Serial numbers, Barcode and Logo.

Standard: ISO PAS 17712, ISO9001:2008

Chip Support: Impinj, NXP

Frequency: UHF 860-960MHz

Reading Range: 10cm-80cm(depends on your reader)

Application: Utility meters, Cabinets and Drums, Electric meter box, Water meter box

UHF Security Seal Benefits:

  1. Enable visual inspection of tampering.
  2. Can be used to protect import and export goods.
  3. Reduce losses by enhancing safety.
  4. Suitable for more demanding applications.
  5. Provides obvious indication of any security breaches.
  6. No notch on wire hasp- removable with tools


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