Universal RFID Label Energon 60

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Universal RFID Label Energon 60


100x26mm, Universal RFID label, UHF, Printable, 10m reading distance, automotive windshield applicable


Energon 60 Universal RFID Label

Energon 60 is an UHF Universal RFID Label being developed to track all kinds of non-metal assets, it can be read in long distance and volume tags can be read simultaneously on glass, plastic, wood, and leather material benefited from its talented antenna design. Energon 60 is converted with PET material to ensure durability while customized characters can be printed indelibly, 128 bit EPC memory is offer for general applications.

Energon 60 can be easily attached to asset via high strength adhesive, this compact UHF RFID label features 10 meters reading distance and carries a more than 1 year life cycle; it is an ideal product for IT assets tracking, archive/library management, toll management, supply chain management and inventory tracking, etc;

Features and Benefits of Energon 60 Universal RFID Label

  • Talented antenna design enables most materials (including glass) adaptability
  • Dual frequency enables global deployment
  • Up to 10 meters reading distance while mounted on metal
  • Multiple attaching methods including screw, rivet, adhesive for ease implementation
  • Customized laser etching character and barcodes can be offered

Mechanical Specification

Material PET
Size 100×26×0.2mm(3.94×1.02×0.008in)
Weight 0.3g/0.01OZ
Package 1000pcs/roll
RF Specification
Frequency 866-928MHz
Protocol ISO 18000-6C
Reading distance Up to 10m
Chipset NXP Ucode 7
Memory 128 bit EPC

Environment Specification

Operation temp -40 – 85℃
Store temp -40 – 85℃
Protection IP65
Shock and vibration TBD
Mounting way Adhesive
Support printer SATO CL4NX, Zebra ZT410, Toshiba
Certification Meet CE requirement
Warranty 12 months after delivery
Lifecycle More than 1 years


Apparel & Jewelry tracking
Automotive tracking via windshield
Airline baggage tracking
Glass assets tracking
Plastic pallet/container tracking
Archive/Library management

Part No.

NXP Ucode 7 1356121



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