How to custom RFID tags

While off-the-shelf RFID tags can meet the majority of your needs, it can be difficult to find a tag or reader that meets your specific requirements. If you find yourself in such a situation, then RFID tags are all you need.

These tags allow you to create features that, ideally, are not currently available on the market. You will be able to add special adhesives, specific data, and personalized casing to the tags.

In addition, custom RFID tags allow you to choose the size and shape of your tags. Continue reading to learn more about the adaptability of RFID tags.
What is a personalized RFID tag?

While there are numerous types of tags, there is no RFID tag that fits all purposes. As a result, RFID manufacturers produce virtually empty custom RFID tags.

These tags have read/write capabilities, allowing you to easily add the data and commands you require. They are designed to enable diverse uses, thus providing unique solutions to unique problems.

Custom tags are available in various forms, including RFID cards and RFID key fobs. You will determine every aspect of the cards, including their shape, size, and RFID programming techniques.

RFID Tag Customization Levels
When you visit your ideal store to purchase an RFID tag, you should inquire about the level of customization your ideal card permits. There are three levels of customization available, namely:

Enhanced RFID Tag Personalization
This RFID card offers the greatest amount of customization options. It is designed with your requirements in mind. Therefore, the manufacturers will consider all of your specifications from the onset of production.

This is the best option if you’re dealing with a highly unique item, if you desire unique security features, or if you require advanced personalization options.

Semi-Customizable RFID Tag
Unlike options with a high degree of customization, this RFID tag is available off-the-shelf. Its only advantage over competing products is that it offers relatively more customization options.

You can add specific attachments, backings, custom printing, and encoding to a semi-custom RFID tag. All of these capabilities will enable the RFID tag to be used for organization-specific tasks.

This RFID card is relatively rigid compared to the high and semi-customizable options. In addition to the features of a typical RFID tag, it has a few additional features. For instance, the majority of RFID tags with limited customization allow you to encode and print specific data using an RFID printer.

RFID Tags with Configurable Features
When purchasing a custom RFID tag, there are a number of characteristics to keep in mind. This factor will assist you in deciding whether to purchase a high, semi, or low customizable tag. Here are the personalization options for any RFID tag:

Specialized Supports
Do you desire a distinctive look for your RFID tag? Do you want it to reflect the organization’s mission? If you desire an RFID tag with an exceptional casing, you should choose the custom tag. This option is optimal regardless of whether you desire a soft RFID inlay, labels, or hard tags.

The majority of RFID inlays are encased in PET, followed by an adhesive layer. You can select the PET/plastic material for your tags.

If you desire hard tags with an outer layer of protection, there are a multitude of materials to choose from. PET, durable plastics, and metals are among the most common backing materials used for RFID tags.

To obtain all of these features, you will need a customizable RFID tag of the highest level. This allows you to determine the durability and general nature of your enclosure.

Selection of Face Stock
The face stock of RFID labels and inlays can be made from a variety of materials, including PET (white or clear) and paper.

You have the option of selecting the material for your tag. PET is more resilient, and it shields the printed text from harsh environmental factors that could cause fading. It is, however, more expensive than paper.

Before selecting the ideal face stock, you should always keep in mind that your selection will impact the printing ribbon you choose. PET necessitates wax-resin ribbon, which is typically more expensive than other alternatives.

Encoded & Printed Data
Custom RFID tags enable you to custom-encode your tags. This allows you to assign a tag to a specific function, enhancing security and efficiency. Your ability to customize the data makes it simple to print highly targeted information that you can use for personalized marketing purposes.

Memory Personalization
Unlike other rigid options, custom RFID tags permit you to personalize the memory of your tag. This can be accomplished by utilizing a high-memory IC or by transferring some bits to other memory banks.

Custom RFID tags allow you to determine the size and shape of the RFID tags. This allows you to customize them, thereby better meeting your specific needs.

Advantages of Custom RFID Labels
RFID tags made to order are highly adaptable. You can use the customization option to improve the functionality and effectiveness of your RFID tags. This is how:

Increasing the Efficiency When mounting it on metallic surfaces, it must be drilled.
Overall, metallic surfaces impair the functionality of RFID tags, particularly low-frequency ones. In such circumstances, you will require a highly customized tag to ensure efficacy.

To accomplish this, a special casing can be attached (on the attachment side) to create a space between the tag and the metallic surface.

Furthermore, the special attachment casing absorbs radio waves from other surfaces, preventing them from interfering with the reader’s waves.

Obtain RFID Tags with Foam Backing for Use on Items with a High Water Content
Moisture surfaces, like metals, are not ideal for use with RFID tags. Fortunately, you can obtain a custom RFID tag that allows you to encapsulate the tags with foam.

You will insert a foam separator between these tags and the moist surface. This reduces the effect of moisture on the RFID tags’ functionality.

When attaching RFID tags to human bodies, animals, or any other surface with a relatively moist surface, the foam-backed tags will be helpful.

Highly Particular RFID Tags – Capability to Customize the Tag
Custom RFID tags permit customization of the tags. You can add a backing that matches the theme of your business or provides comfort during use.

In addition, these tags are crucial for individuals in specific industries. In such a case, it would be difficult to acquire an ideal off-the-shelf tag. Purchasing custom cards will allow you to write any information on them without difficulty.



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