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Our product portfolio, crafted in our state-of-the-art factory, includes RFID solutions for pets, livestock, and wildlife. Each animal RFID tag, whether it’s for cattle, sheep, goats, turtles, or pets like cats and dogs, is produced with meticulous attention to detail, ensuring reliability and effectiveness. Our position as both a manufacturer and supplier allows us to maintain control over the quality of our products while offering them at competitive prices.

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RFID PET Microchip

Microchip designed for cats and dogs, these tags play a crucial role in identification and are invaluable in helping owners recover their lost pets, ensuring their safety and peace of mind.

rfid cattle tag

Our electronic RFID cattle ear tags for cattle streamline the identification process, making the management and tracking of cattle herds more efficient and less labor-intensive.

rfid sheep tag

Sheep RFID tag similar to cattle RFID tag, these tags use electronic ear tags to facilitate efficient management and tracking of sheep, simplifying herd management.

camel rfid tag

RFID Tag Maker Specifically designed microchips for camels aid in easy identification during various stages like feeding, transportation, and slaughter, ensuring seamless management.

horse rfid microchip

These horse RFID microchips are crucial for the identification and management of horses, playing a significant role in facilitating horse trading and breeding programs.

rfid tag for turtles

RFID tag for turtle are instrumental in wildlife conservation efforts, particularly for turtles, aiding in the tracking of migration patterns and monitoring health in wild and captive environments.

goast rfid tag

RFID Tag Maker Designed RFID tag for goats, these electronic tags enhance individual tracking, health management, breeding programs, and help in theft prevention, contributing to effective herd management.

chicken rfid tag

Utilized in poultry farming, these tags are essential for tracking chickens, monitoring their health, optimizing feeding strategies, and managing breeding, thus boosting farm efficiency and productivity.

rfid fish tag

Our mini microchips are perfectly suited for fish and tortoises, enabling easy identification and efficient management of aquatic and smaller species.

rfid ear tag

What are animal RFID Tags?

RFID animal tags are designed to identify and track livestock for farmers. The devices are highly adaptable, allowing you to use them to track livestock, pets, fish, and any other animal you desire.
They are encoded with information including the ranch’s name, a unique ID identifier, and the animals’ ages. The majority of the tags are ear tags. However, you can choose RFID ampoule for injection RFID tags
RFID tags for animals allow users such as livestock farmers, breeders, and veterinarians to track livestock and identify pets, exotic animals, and laboratory animals. These tags have numerous applications, including agriculture, laboratory research, and pet ownership.
RFID animal tags are replacing metal ID tags traditionally used in livestock management. RFID ear tags are applied to animals and tracked by both fixed and portable readers. Farmers use RFID to identify and track livestock inventory as well as record basic animal health information. The rfid animal tag is composed of two discs that are connected by the animal’s ears. The procedure resembles striking the ear of a person. Each animal with an RFID tag is assigned a 15-digit tracking number, and the RFID reader identifies each animal based on its RFID tag.

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How To buy RFID Animal Tags

Confirm your RFID system

RFID tags cannot be utilized independently, so in order to buy workable RFID tags, you either have your own existing system or buy the system from an integrator.

Describe the kind of chip you're utilizing

Since the RFID chip is the essential component of RFID and can store and exchange data, selecting a good chip model at the outset of the system design is important. Since different chip characteristics and prices vary, you must decide on your own system before using a certain chip model. You can be sent us a sample of your hand to help you test the chip if you don't know your own chip model.

Choose the size and type of the animal RFID tags

Choose the proper material and size for you based on cost control because prices for various materials and sizes vary.

RFID Animal Tags By Frequency

125Khz /134.2khz animal RFID Tags are small electronic tags that are attached to animals to identify and track them. 125Khz /134.2khz animal RFID Tags are commonly used in livestock management, such as in tracking and monitoring cows, goats,pigs, sheep, and other farm animals. The 125Khz /134.2khz animal RFID Tags use radio-frequency identification (RFID) technology and are typically implanted under the skin, in the ear or neck of the animal.


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Pre-loaded sterile FDX PIT tags fish 2.12*8mm

FDX-B microchip

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Cattle Ear Tag Applicator

Cattle Ear Tag Applicator

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PIT Tag injector

PIT Tag injector

13.56MHz NFC dog Tags

Our NFC Dog Tags are made from durable, waterproof material and are designed to last. They are easy to attach to your dog’s collar and can be customized with your contact information and changed anytime you move. They are the perfect way to keep your pet safe and secure while giving you peace of mind. With our tags, you can rest assured that your pet can be quickly identified and returned to you if ever lost.

Custom full epoxy anti-lost NFC & QR Code Dog Tag in various sizes from RFID Tag Maker. Fully epoxy RFID NFC pet tags are great for helping quickly recover lost pets.

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Custom NFC dog tags

Custom NFC dog tags

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RFID Epoxy Tag for Dog

RFID Epoxy Tag for Dog

UHF 915MHz Animal tracking RFID Tags

UHF 915MHz Animal tracking RFID tags are designed for tracking and management of livestock and other animals. The Animal tracking RFID tags operate at a frequency of 915 MHz and have a reading range of up to 10 meters, making them ideal for large-scale animal management applications. The Animal tracking RFID tags are usually attached to the ears of the animals and can store unique identification information that can be read by Animal tracking RFID tags  readers.

These Animal tracking RFID tags are highly durable and resistant to harsh environmental conditions, making them suitable for use in outdoor environments. They can withstand exposure to water, heat, and dirt, and can function normally in extreme temperatures. The RFID Animal tracking tags are also designed to be tamper-resistant, making it difficult for unauthorized individuals to remove or alter them.

The use of UHF 915MHz  RFID Animal tracking tags can help farmers and animal management professionals to improve their efficiency and accuracy in tracking and monitoring livestock. They can be used for various applications, including inventory management, disease control, and tracking the movement of animals.

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Electronic ear tags for cattle

Electronic ear tags for cattle

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UHF 860 MHz-960 MHz Ear RFID Tag

RFID Tags for goats

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UHF 860 MHz-960 MHz Ear RFID Tag

UHF 860 MHz-960 MHz Ear RFID Tag

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Animal RFID Tags By Material

A variety of animal species have received the glass tube tag for animal identification. The tag is utilized to keep track of information about an animal, such as contact information in case it is lost or stolen, or to demonstrate ownership or breeding rights. Small animals like cats, dogs, and horses are the best candidates for using them.


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Pre-loaded sterile FDX PIT tags fish 2.12*8mm

FDX-B microchip

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PIT Tag injector

PIT Tag injector

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RFID Temperature Transponder

RFID Temperature Transponder

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Temperature Microchip

Temperature Microchip

TPU, a material that is non-toxic and environmentally acceptable, is used in TPU animal RFID tags with buckle tracking. It is suitable for many different animals, including pigs, sheep, and cattle. The material’s elongation rate is quite good. The soft, flexible animal tags won’t hurt your pets because they are.


RFID chicken leg bands are devices that can be attached to the legs of chickens to identify and track them using radio frequency identification (RFID) technology. They are similar to regular chicken leg bands, but they have an RFID chip embedded in them that can store information such as the chicken’s name, egg production, health, and other data. You can use an RFID tag reader to scan the RFID chicken leg bands and access the information within a read range of 3 cm to 30 cm. RFID chicken leg bands are more efficient than non-RFID leg bands because they can be scanned in batches and have a high accuracy rate and no interference.
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RFID chicken leg bands

RFID chicken leg bands

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chicken leg bands

chicken leg bands

Epoxy RFID Animal hangtags

Animal hangtags made of epoxy RFDI A clever option for your animal’s security is the Epoxy Animal RFID tag. Many design elements are included in it, including RFID technology, a safe, tamper-proof locking mechanism, and robust epoxy.
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RFID Epoxy Tag for Dog

RFID Epoxy Tag for Dog

Best Selling RFID animal tags

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The use Of Animal RFID Tags

Tracking and identification of animals
RFID animal tags can aid in the tracking and management of large farms or ranches with numerous animals. Animal RFID Tags can be used to identify each animal as well as track its movement and location. You can better manage your livestock and improve herd health this way.

It’s also useful for preventing theft and tracking down missing animals. You will be notified if one of your animals leaves the RFID jurisdiction. Then you can investigate the situation and locate the animal.

Animal Behavior Study
RFID animal tags help researchers better understand animal behavior and habits by tracking their movements. This data can assist researchers in developing new methods of animal management and protection.

Animal Rescue
RFID animal tags are frequently used by animal shelters to identify and track the animals in their care. It can assist shelters in reuniting lost animals with their owners as well as finding homes for adoptable animals.

These animal RFID tags are also necessary for keeping track of the vaccination records of shelter animals. This information ensures that shelter animals are up to date on their vaccinations and helps to prevent disease spread.

Animal RFID tags can also be used in animal shelters to track the health of animals. Staff can quickly identify and treat any health problems by tracking the vital signs of shelter animals.

Management and Breeding of Animals
RFID animal tags are used in the breeding and management of animals. You can use them to keep track of their origin, age, weight, and overall health. This data can assist you in making better breeding decisions and improving the overall health of your herd.

RFID animal tags can also help you keep track of your animals’ vaccination records. When an animal requires vaccination, its vaccination history can be found in the RFID database.

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RFID Racing Pigeon Leg Rings

RFID Racing Pigeon Leg Rings

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RFID Cow Tags

RFID Cow Tags

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RFID Sheep Tags

RFID Sheep Tags

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UHF 860 MHz-960 MHz Ear RFID Tag

RFID Tags for goats

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RFID (Radio-Frequency Identification) animal tags are specialized electronic devices designed to track and identify animals. These tags use radio-frequency technology to store and transmit unique identification information, such as a serial number or code, which is associated with a particular animal. RFID animal tags are commonly used in agriculture, veterinary science, and wildlife research for various purposes, including animal tracking, health monitoring, and livestock management.

Here are some key characteristics and applications of RFID animal tags:

  1. Identification and Tracking: RFID animal tags serve as a form of identification for individual animals. Each tag is embedded with a unique identification number that can be read using an RFID reader. This allows for the tracking of animals within a herd, flock, or group, making it easier to manage and monitor their movements.

  2. Livestock Management: In the agriculture industry, RFID animal tags are widely used for livestock management. Farmers and ranchers attach these tags to cattle, sheep, pigs, and other livestock to keep detailed records of each animal’s health, lineage, and feeding regimen. This information helps improve breeding, disease control, and overall herd management.

  3. Pet Identification: In the realm of companion animals, such as dogs and cats, RFID tags are employed for pet identification. These tags are often implanted under the skin and contain a unique identification number linked to the pet owner’s information. This facilitates the quick and safe return of lost pets to their owners.

  4. Wildlife Research: Researchers use RFID animal tags to study and track wildlife. These tags are attached to animals, such as birds, marine mammals, and terrestrial wildlife, to gather data on migration patterns, behaviors, and population dynamics. The tags are designed to be minimally invasive and not to harm the animals.

  5. Health Monitoring: RFID animal tags can be equipped with sensors to monitor an animal’s vital signs or detect health issues. This is especially useful in the veterinary field, where continuous health monitoring can help identify and address medical concerns in real time.

  6. Data Collection: Data collected from RFID animal tags can be integrated with software systems to analyze and manage animal-related information. This aids in decision-making processes, such as breeding programs, resource allocation, and disease prevention.

  7. Compliance with Regulations: In some regions, there are regulations mandating the use of RFID tags for specific animals, such as for disease control, food safety, and traceability in the supply chain.

RFID animal tags come in various forms, including ear tags, injectable tags, collar tags, and leg bands. These tags are designed to withstand environmental conditions and provide a long-lasting and reliable means of tracking and identifying animals.

In the fascinating world of animal tracking and management, technological advancements are paving the way for a more efficient and humane approach. Among these innovations, animal tracking RFID tags have emerged as a game-changer, offering invaluable solutions for various animal-related endeavors.

Efficiency Through RFID Tag Animal Tracking:

Radio-Frequency Identification (RFID) technology has redefined how we monitor and interact with animals. These unobtrusive animal tracking RFID tags, which are versatile and unassuming, have found applications in diverse fields, from wildlife conservation to livestock oversight.

Agricultural Advancements: RFID Tags Cattle Tracking:

Agriculture benefits significantly from RFID technology, with cattle tracking being a prime example. These animal tracking RFID tags, often attached to cattle ears, streamline the monitoring of their movements and health. These animal tracking RFID tags contain essential information, including breed, age, and medical history, greatly improving cattle herd management. Their robust design ensures they withstand challenging environmental conditions.

Exploring the Wild: RFID animal Tags in Wildlife Research:

In the sphere of wildlife conservation and research,  animal tracking RFID tags have opened new horizons. They facilitate the tracking of migratory birds, marine life, and land animals, providing vital insights into their behaviors and habitats.

Pets and Beyond: RFID Tags for Animal Companions:

Our homes have also witnessed the integration of animal tracking RFID tags, offering pet owners a reliable method for identifying and locating their beloved animal companions. These discreet, lightweight tags ensure the safety and well-being of pets.

The Road Ahead: The Future of Animal Tracking:

As technology continues to advance, RFID tags for animal tracking are poised for even greater developments. Expect extended reading distances, longer tag lifespans, and enhanced compatibility to shape the future of agriculture, wildlife research, and pet management.

In conclusion, RFID technology silently but significantly transforms animal tracking, offering a humane, efficient, and accurate method for monitoring and managing various species. Whether it’s cattle on the ranch, wildlife in the wilderness, or cherished pets at home, animal tracking RFID tags have become indispensable tools for understanding and caring for the animal kingdom.

RFID tags have become an invaluable tool for goat farmers, allowing them to manage their herds more efficiently and securely. With benefits such as improved tracking, data collection, and inventory management, RFID tags have transformed the way goat farming is conducted. As technology continues to advance, the role of RFID tags in agriculture, particularly in goat farming, will only become more prominent.

The Functionality of RFID Tags

RFID tags are designed to store and transmit data wirelessly through radio waves. They consist of a microchip and an antenna. The microchip stores a unique identification number and other relevant information, while the antenna helps in transmitting this data to a reader or scanner.

Applications of RFID Tags

The applications of RFID tags are diverse and encompass a wide range of sectors, from retail and logistics to healthcare and agriculture. In the agricultural domain, RFID tags are used for tracking livestock, monitoring crop growth, and managing inventory efficiently.

RFID Tags for Livestock Management

RFID tags have revolutionized the way livestock is managed on farms. These tags offer farmers a convenient and accurate method to monitor their animals, including goats.

Advantages of Using RFID Tags for Goats

  1. Efficient Tracking: RFID tags provide a quick and efficient way to track individual goats within a herd, reducing the risk of errors and confusion.

  2. Data Collection: These tags allow for the collection of valuable data about each goat, such as birthdate, health records, and breeding history.

  3. Improved Security: RFID tags help in preventing theft and unauthorized movement of goats.

Types of RFID Tags for Goats

There are two main types of RFID tags for goats: RFID ear tags and implantable tags. RFID Ear tags are attached to the goat’s ear, while implantable tags are injected under the goat’s skin.

How RFID Tags Work for Goats

When a reader emits radio waves, the RFID tag on the goat absorbs energy from the waves, which powers the microchip. The microchip then transmits the stored information back to the reader.

Implementing RFID Tags in Goat Farming

Integrating RFID tags into a goat farm’s management system involves several steps. Farmers need to select the right type of tags, install the necessary readers, and set up a data management system.

Benefits of RFID Tags for Goat Farmers

  1. Enhanced Efficiency: RFID tags save time and effort by automating data collection and tracking.

  2. Data-Driven Decisions: The data collected from RFID tags can be used to make informed decisions about breeding, health, and feeding.

  3. Inventory Management: Farmers can accurately keep track of their goat inventory, which is crucial for business operations.


RFID Tag Cost and ROI

The cost of RFID tags for goats varies depending on the type and functionality. However, many goat farmers find that the return on investment is substantial due to increased efficiency and better management.

RFID Tags for Goat Health Monitoring

In addition to tracking and identification, RFID tags can be used to monitor the health and well-being of goats. These tags can store medical records and help in early disease detection.

Ensuring Goat Safety with RFID Tags

RFID tags for goats also enhance goat safety. They help in locating lost or injured goats quickly, ensuring they receive timely care.

RFID tags for cattle, also known as ear tags, are small devices containing a microchip and an antenna. These tags are attached to the cattle’s ear or inserted under its skin. Each RFID tag carries a unique identifier, allowing individual animals to be tracked, and their data to be collected and stored⁶. Here’s how they work:

1. Tag Placement: The RFID cattle ear tag is either attached to the ear or inserted subcutaneously. The ear tag variant is more common and resembles a small button-like tag.

2. Microchip and Antenna: The RFID cattle ear tag contains a microchip (integrated circuit) and an antenna. The microchip stores the unique identification number associated with that specific animal.

3. Scanning: When a handheld RFID reader is brought close to the RFID cattle ear tag, it energizes the device and reads the number coded in the microchip. The RFID cattle ear tag reader communicates wirelessly with the tag using radio frequency signals.

4. Data Collection: The scanned information is sent from the reader to a handheld device that holds all the data on each individual cow. This data includes details such as the animal’s health history, location, and other relevant information.

5. Benefits:

    – Individual Tracking: Farmers and ranchers can accurately track each animal’s movements and health records.

    – Efficiency: Scanning RFID tags is faster than manually recording visual ear tag numbers, especially during cattle handling.

    – High Retention: RFID cattle ear tag are designed for high retention rates, minimizing loss due to snagging or wear.

    – Chute Convenience: Scanning RFID cattle ear tag in the chute is quicker and more convenient than reading visual tags or tattoos.

    – Bulk Scanning: RFID allows scanning around 100 items per second, enabling rapid store inventory.

Remember, these RFID tags contribute to better cattle management and streamlined processes on the farm!

Certainly! Here are the benefits of using RFID tags on cattle:

1. Individual Tracking: RFID tags allow precise tracking of each animal. Farmers can monitor their movements, health records, and behavior patterns. This helps in disease management, breeding programs, and overall herd health.

2. Efficiency: Scanning RFID tags is faster than manually recording visual ear tag numbers. During cattle handling, quick identification reduces stress on both animals and handlers.

3. High Retention: Electronic Identification (EID) tags are designed for high retention rates. They stay securely attached to the animal’s ear, minimizing loss due to snagging or wear.

4. Chute Convenience: Scanning EID tags in the chute is quicker and more convenient than reading visual tags or tattoos. It streamlines processes during vaccinations, treatments, and sorting.

5. Bulk Scanning: RFID technology allows scanning around 100 items per second. This enables rapid inventory management, especially in large herds.

6. Data Collection: The unique ID associated with each tag allows detailed data collection. This includes information on birth, weight, vaccinations, and medical history.

7. Traceability: In case of disease outbreaks or food safety concerns, RFID tags enable quick tracing of an animal’s origin and movement through the supply chain.

8. Automation: RFID systems integrate with software and databases, automating record-keeping and reducing paperwork.

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