RFID Racing Pigeon Leg Rings

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RFID Racing Pigeon Leg Rings- Benefits & Features


Racing Pigeon Tracking Devices Rings

In the ancient times, pigeons used for carrier pigeon as for they can find the way back home, but now telecommunication is so developed, people are fond of raise pigeons for race. So the speed, species, experience, luck would be influence the result. This force feeders have to put in much time and energy.

However once pigeons become more and more, management is so critical. From choose the species, what’s kind of species can become a winner, and what’s kind of pigeon more suitable for bringing up small pigeons, how much they should eat in different time, how to make sure their health to avoid any unexpected things happen. All those problems should be considered.

How does poultry RFID leg band work!

So RFID pigeon id rings help support the best poultry, with an RFID 125Khz chip in the ring, as a pigeon leg band, there is a UID number help identify pigeons, and encode birth date, species, and habit.

According to those records feeder would put them in different cage, to treat them differently. Also with those data, feeders can know how many pigeons they should prepare for one race, and how many times pigeons can take part in, with the whole data and RFID tracking system, feeders can save much unnecessary damage, and raise better race pigeons.

To see the success of identification of pigeons, people also use RFID bird ring for chicken, birds, and other livestock.

Do you remember the date birth of all animals in the farm? do you want to know that? The RFID tags definition and RFID system can help make it. like identification tag for each animal, can encode name, date, and every details.

There are different styles and shape according to the size of animals, like cattle ear tags, cow tags, sheep tags, all kinds of livestock ear tags for your choice.

racing pigeon tracking devices rings

Poultry RFID leg band 125khz RFID Ring

What’s information we can get it from the RFID pigeon foot ring?

RFID is providing incredibly detailed information about the behaviors of our tagged birds. People are using the technology to answer a variety of questions:
When do birds feed during the day?
How is feeding behavior affected by weather or competitors?
What influence does feeder location have on feeding behavior?
How are feeding patterns influenced by gender and dominance status?
And over time, people can track survival in our study populations.


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