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 RFID Syringe tag

The  RFID syringe tag designed for animal identification, it integrates a φ1.4x8mm mini glass RFID tag in the needle, can be operated manually to implant the RFID tag into the animals for lifecycle management, the RFID chip is welded onto the antenna while the tag is encapsulated by a glass tube so that it is reliable and durable, the glass surface is covered by a perylene coating which is biocompatible and prevents movement under an animal skin, thus, no harm to the animal, the needle of the syringe is quite sharp and sterilized to alleviate the pain of animals. The RFID tag operates in low frequency so that the magnetic wave can pass through the animal, it has a 512 bit EEPROM memory and meets ICAR standard, applicable for animal identification worldwide.

RFID syringe tag features up to 2 centimeters reading distance by the handheld reader and carries more than 10 years lifecycle, can be operated easily for implants, it is an ideal product for fish, laboratory animal management.

Feature and Benefit of RFID Syringe tag

  • Glass encapsulation with parylene coating ensures durability and reliability
  • Compact and user-friendly structure is convenient for operation
  • Sterilized small and sharp needle alleviates pain of animal
  • Fully automated manufacturing process provides excellent and consistent performance
  • Unique ICAR certificated tag can be applicable worldwide
Mechanical Specification
Material Glass
Size 54X37X8.3mm(φ2.13×1.46×0.33 in)
Weight 8.5g/0.3OZ
RF Specification
Frequency 134.2KHz
Protocol ISO 11784/11785
Reading range Up to 2cm
Chipset EM4305
Memory 512 bit EEPROM
Environment Specification
Operation temp -40 – 85℃
Store temp -40 – 140℃
Protection IP68
Shock and vibration TBD
Mounting way Implant
Certification CE
Warranty 12 months after delivery
Lifecycle More than 10 years
Dot, cat, horse, sheep and other livestock identification
Part No.
EM4305 1113113



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