FDX PIT tags for turtles

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Turtles are fascinating creatures that have been around for millions of years. They play important roles in the ecosystems they inhabit, and some of them are endangered or threatened by habitat loss, pollution, disease, and illegal trade. To protect and conserve these amazing animals, researchers and conservationists need to monitor their populations, movements, health, and behavior. One of the most effective ways to do this is by using FDX PIT tags for turtles.

FDX PIT tags for turtles are passive integrated transponder tags that are implanted under the skin of the turtle using a hypodermic needle. They are small, lightweight, and biocompatible, causing minimal stress and discomfort to the turtle. Each tag has a unique identification number that can be read by a handheld or stationary reader device. The tag emits a radio frequency signal when activated by the reader’s electromagnetic field.

FDX PIT tags for turtles have several advantages over other methods of turtle identification, such as:

– They are permanent and tamper-proof, providing reliable and accurate data.
– They are ISO compatible and ICAR certified, meeting international standards and regulations.
– They have a long lifespan of over 15 years, suitable for long-term studies and monitoring.
– They have a high performance and readability, allowing for fast and easy scanning.
– They have a low cost and high availability, making them accessible and affordable.

FDX PIT tags for turtles are widely used for turtle research and conservation, such as:

– Population estimation and dynamics
– Movement patterns and home range
– Habitat use and preference
– Growth rates and survival
– Health status and disease
– Genetic diversity and relatedness
– Illegal trade and poaching prevention

There are different sizes and models of FDX PIT tags for turtles available, depending on the species and application. Some of the most popular ones are:

– FDX PIT Tag 2.1mm x 12mm: This is the standard size for most turtle species, such as box turtles, wood turtles, cooters, terrapins, etc. It weighs 0.1g and has a storage temperature of -40˚C to 85˚C.
– FDX PIT Tag 1.4mm x 8.5mm: This is a smaller size for smaller turtle species, such as spotted turtles, mud turtles, musk turtles, etc. It weighs 0.06g and has a storage temperature of -40˚C to 85˚C.

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PIT Transponder Parameters
Frequency 134.2KHz
Protocol ISO 11784/11785GB/T 20563-2006
Working Mode FDX
Shock IEC 68‐2‐29
Vibration IEC 68‐2‐6
Protection standard IP67
Microchip Type EM4305/Hitag-S256/SIC7999
Data Memory 512 bit/256 bit /192 bit RW
Dimension Ø 2.12 x 8 mm
Optional Size Ø1.25*7mm Ø1.4*8mm Ø3*13mm Ø3*15mm Ø4*22mm Ø4*30mm
Weight 100MG+/-35MG
Operating Temperature -25°C – +85°C
Storage Temperature -40°C – +90°C
Housing Material Bio glass 8625Surface biological antiskid coating(ParylenePoly p-xylene) antibacterial antiallergic
Implanted Way Subcutaneous tissue implantation / injection
Life Span More than 20 years
Syringe & Packagin
Syringe Color White
Syringe Material Polypropylene
Syringe Dimension 120mm x 10mm
sterilize EO(ethylene oxide) gas disinfection
Packing Sterilization bag
Packing Detail It contains disposable syringe poly (p-xylene) – coated glass tube barcode label and sterilized packaging paper plastic bag


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