RFID Waste Bin Tag

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rfid waste bin tag,

RFID Waste Bin Tag – Benefits & Features


RFID WASTE Bin TAG Used for Bin Tag Definition

Have you ever complained to property management company about garbage dealing is not on time, make the environment and smell too bad. But the property management company can not guarantee this situation never happen, because they do not have eye to keep on the cleaner every minute, even do not know how many times did they clean the waste bin, since there are so many bins.

However, a small RFID container tracking tag can change this totally.  Insert the RFID waste bin tag into the bin, a reader set on the garbage trucker, combine the waste management RFID system together with GPS. Once the trucker collected rubbish, the reader will read the tag in the bin, then data reflected to the system. Manager in property management can get all details through computer without go outside a step. Even tracking the location and time.

If the property management company get complain again, just check the waste management RFID system, choose the date and time, who should take charge of that, and how many times he did all come out.

If everybody have done a good job, still complains, they also can make adjustment according to the time. Such as, afternoon and evening more waste need to be clean, someone should be there.

In this way, complain decreased, waste managed well.


rfid waste bin tag

Why choose RFID waste bin tag:

(1) Easily to be screwed onto the specific area of the waste bin. With its robust housing, it could withstand the harsh environment under the daily operation.
(2) The worm tag is especially designed to be applied onto bins. The tag works very well under harsh outdoor environments due to its solid exterior. The four mounting holes make it easy to attach the tag onto the item.
(3) The RFID waste bin tag is special designed for the harsh high impact and chemical environments that appear in Waste Management


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