RFID chicken leg bands

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What are the features and benefits of RFID chicken leg bands?

RFID chicken leg bands are the most advanced and practical poultry identification solution at present. They have been widely used in the global market and have received good feedback from customers. Our RFID chicken leg bands are high-quality products that are professionally designed and manufactured. They have the following features and benefits:
– They can store information such as the chicken’s name, egg production, health, and other data in an RFID chip embedded in them.
– They can be scanned by an RFID tag reader within a read range of 3 cm to 30 cm, depending on the frequency and the environment.
– They can be read and written in seconds, and they have a high accuracy rate and no interference from other tags or metal objects.
– They can be scanned in batches by UHF readers, which can read multiple tags on chicken legs at once, saving time and labor.
– They can be used for poultry tracing, such as birds, chickens, pigeons, etc., and provide an ideal solution for poultry management and disease prevention.

What are the types and sizes of RFID chicken leg bands that you offer?

We offer a wide range of bands from laser etched bar coded bands, to stamped numbered bands, to Plastic Spiral Leg Bands, to Pigeon Bands, numbered Gamebird Bands, Adjustable Leg Bands, Wing Bands and a variety of numbered aluminum bands. We also carry accessories like chick Toe Punches and Peepers. Our poultry bands come in different sizes to fit different birds, such as:

– Wing Bands for Day-Old Chicks and Mature Birds
– Plastic Leg Bands in various sizes
– Non-Adjustable Leg Bands in various sizes and styles
– Adjustable Leg Bands in several styles
– Aluminum Butt-End Bands with custom stamping
– Wing Badges with large character visibility and barcoding
– Neck Tags for tagging bird necks with highly visible numbers

What are the specifications of your RFID chicken leg bands?

Our RFID chicken leg bands is made from hard ABS casing with an easy to secure clip. It is waterproof and designed for all kinds of birds, from penguins to ducks and doves. Our RFID chicken leg bands has the following specifications:

– Type: Pigeon / Chicken / Duck
– Weight (S / M / L): 1.5 g / 3 g / 6 g
– Size (S / M / L): Inner diameter: 7.8 mm / 8.7 mm / 20 mm; Outer diameter: 10 mm / 11 mm / 23 mm; Height: 10 mm / 11 mm / 12 mm
– Material: ABS
– Color: Blue / Yellow / Red
– Frequency: LF (134.2 kHz) or UHF (860-960 MHz)
– Standard: ISO11784/ISO11785 or EPC Class1 Gen2/ISO18000-6C
– Chip: EM4305 or Alien H3
– Memory: Read/Write
– Data Retention: >10 years


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