HDX32 PIT TAG 4*32mm

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HDX32 PIT TAG 4*32mm is your gateway to advanced wildlife tracking and ecological research. Its compact size, unique identification capabilities, and robust design ensure reliable, long-term performance. Whether you’re studying wildlife migration, managing fish populations, or conducting ecological research, this PIT tag empowers you to make informed, data-driven discoveries. Unlock the secrets of nature with the DX32 PIT TAG.






HDX32 PIT TAG 4*32mm is a high-performance radio frequency identification (RFID), electronic identification (EID) and passive integrated transponder (PIT) tag for fish and wildlife research. It is encapsulated in biocompatible glass and provides 100% unique identification. It complies with ISO 11784 and 11785 standards and is ICAR approved. It has a size of 4 mm x 32 mm and operates at a frequency of 134.2 kHz. It is an HDX tag, which means it has a higher read range and reliability than FDX tags.

HDX32 PIT TAG 4*32mm is produced by rfid tag maker, a company that specializes in manufacturing RFID tags for various applications. rfid tag maker has been in the industry for over 10 years and has a reputation for quality and innovation. rfid tag maker can customize the tags according to your specifications and provide technical support and after-sales service. You can visit their website at www.rfidtagmaker.com to learn more about their products and services. The minimum order quantity for HDX32 PIT Tag is 100 pieces.

PIT Transponder Parameters
Frequency 134.2KHz
Protocol ISO 11784/11785GB/T 20563-2006
Working Mode HDX
Shock IEC 68‐2‐29
Vibration IEC 68‐2‐6
Protection standard IP67
Microchip Type EM4305/Hitag-S256/SIC7999
Data Memory 512 bit/256 bit /192 bit RW
Dimension Ø 4 x 32mm
Optional Size Ø1.25*7mm Ø1.4*8mm Ø3*13mm Ø3*15mm Ø4*22mm Ø4*30mm
Weight 100MG+/-35MG
Operating Temperature -25°C – +85°C
Storage Temperature -40°C – +90°C
Housing Material Bio glass 8625Surface biological antiskid coating(ParylenePoly p-xylene) antibacterial antiallergic
Implanted Way Subcutaneous tissue implantation / injection
Life Span More than 20 years
Syringe & Packagin
Syringe Color White
Syringe Material Polypropylene
Syringe Dimension 120mm x 10mm
sterilize EO(ethylene oxide) gas disinfection
Packing Sterilization bag
Packing Detail It contains disposable syringe poly (p-xylene) – coated glass tube barcode label and sterilized packaging paper plastic bag

The HDX32 PIT TAG 4*32mm is an invaluable tool for researchers, enabling in-depth, data-driven insights into wildlife behavior and ecological systems. Its non-invasive, passive operation ensures minimal interference with subjects, making it a preferred choice for ethical research practices.

HDX32 PIT TAG 4*32mm Key Features:

  1. Compact and Versatile: Measuring a mere 4x32mm, this PIT tag offers unobtrusive, hassle-free integration into various wildlife and research applications.
  2. Passive Operation: The tag operates without a power source, ensuring minimal impact on the subject and long-lasting performance. It remains active for the duration of its lifespan.
  3. Unique Identification: Each PIT tag is embedded with a unique identification number, enabling the precise tracking and identification of individual subjects within your study.
  4. Robust and Biocompatible: Crafted for durability, the DX32 PIT TAG is biocompatible and non-reactive, minimizing any potential harm to the subjects. Its robust design guarantees reliable operation even in challenging environments.
  5. Easy Deployment: The tag can be swiftly and securely implanted or attached to a wide range of subjects, including fish, wildlife, and laboratory specimens.
  6. Seamless Data Retrieval: Employ a compatible PIT tag reader to effortlessly capture data, track subjects, and gather valuable information for your research.


  • Wildlife Tracking: Study the migration patterns, behavior, and ecology of various wildlife species, from birds to mammals.
  • Fish Population Management: Monitor and manage fish populations, studying their movement and growth in aquatic ecosystems.
  • Ecological Research: Investigate environmental changes, species interactions, and ecosystem dynamics with precision and accuracy.
  • Laboratory Studies: Facilitate specimen tracking and data collection in laboratory and research settings.

Unveiling Precision Animal Identification

Unlock the world of seamless animal tracking and identification with the HDX32 PIT TAG 4*32mm by RFID Tag Maker. Our innovative product is designed to cater to the unique needs of pet owners, researchers, and wildlife enthusiasts. Explore the remarkable features and benefits of this cutting-edge RFID tag below.

1. High-Frequency Precision Tracking

Experience unparalleled tracking accuracy with the HDX32 PIT TAG. Operating at a frequency of 134.2 kHz and conforming to ISO 11784/11785 standards, this RFID tag ensures pinpoint precision in animal identification. Whether you have aquatic creatures, reptiles, avian friends, or small mammals, this tag offers the versatility to monitor them all.

2. Biocompatible Encapsulation for Safety

Your animal’s safety is our top priority. The HDX32 PIT TAG is encapsulated in biocompatible glass, ensuring a safe and secure implantation process. This means peace of mind for you and the utmost comfort for your pets. With the added convenience of a single-use hypodermic needle, implanting the tag is a breeze, making it a preferred choice for veterinarians and pet owners alike.

3. Enduring Identification with ICAR Certification

We understand the value of longevity when it comes to animal identification. That’s why our Pre-loaded sterile FDX PIT TAG 1.25*7mm is ICAR certified and boasts a remarkable service life of up to 20 years. This tag will stand the test of time, ensuring you can rely on it for years to come.

4. Ease of Use and Convenience

Simplicity meets effectiveness with our product. The unique 64-bit identification code can be effortlessly read by compatible readers from a distance of up to 10 cm, streamlining the identification process. This not only saves you time but also minimizes stress for your animals.

5. Reliable Source for Animal Identification

When it comes to identifying and monitoring your animals, trust the experts at RFID Tag Maker. With our Pre-loaded sterile FDX PIT TAG 1.25*7mm, you’re not just buying a product; you’re investing in the well-being and security of your pets and research subjects.

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