Cattle Ear Tag Applicator

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  • Compact Size and Lightweight Design
  • Cow Ear Tag Applicator
  • High Anti-Collision Capability
  • Waterproof Construction
  • Easy Installation




Product Introduction

Cattle Ear Tag Applicator

Functionality: The Cattle Ear Tag Applicator is a professional tool designed for efficiently and accurately attaching ear tags to cattle. It ensures secure attachment without causing discomfort to the cows.
Design: Carefully crafted for ease of use, the applicator ensures that the tags remain firmly in place without causing any harm to the cow’s ears.
Material: Made from high-quality metal materials, it is durable and suitable for various weather conditions.
Versatility: Not only suitable for cattle but also applicable to other livestock such as sheep and pigs.


Rich Experience: RFID TAG MAKER is a global leader in animal identification, backed by extensive experience and expertise.
High-Quality Products: The company is committed to designing, developing, and manufacturing top-quality identification products, including ear tags and RFID labels.
Innovative Technology: RFID TAG MAKER continuously drives technological innovation, ensuring outstanding product performance, reliability, and compliance with industry standards.
Customer Trust: Numerous livestock owners and farmers trust RFID TAG MAKER’s products due to their excellent real-world performance.
Whether you’re raising cattle, sheep, or other livestock, choosing the Cattle Ear Tag Applicator and RFID TAG MAKER will enhance your livestock management with convenience and efficiency

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