RFID Tags for goats

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RFID tags for goats are similar to RFID tags for other livestock, such as cattle and sheep.






RFID tags for goats are similar to RFID tags for other livestock, such as cattle and sheep. These tags are small electronic devices that are placed in the ear of the goat to provide a unique identification number that can be read using an RFID reader. The tags can be either passive or active, with passive tags being the most common.

Passive RFID tags rely on radio waves from an RFID reader to power the tag and transmit the identification number. When the reader is within range of the tag, it sends a signal that causes the tag to transmit its identification number. Active RFID tags, on the other hand, have a battery that powers the tag and allows it to transmit its identification number at all times.

RFID tags for goats are used for various purposes, including herd management, tracking, and disease control. They allow farmers to easily identify individual goats, track their movement and behavior, monitor their health status, and manage their breeding and production. In addition, RFID tags can be used to record important information about the goat, such as its age, gender, breed, and medical history.

Overall, RFID tags for goats are an essential tool for effective livestock management, providing farmers with the ability to track and monitor their goats’ health, productivity, and well-being.


Product Name: RFID tags for goats

Material: Top-Quality TPU (Thermoplastic Polyurethane)

Color: Yellow,Green,White(Colors can be customized)


  • Female Tag: 100*76mm
  • Male Tag: 30*23mm

Standard: ISO 18000-6C

Working Temperature: -20°C to 70°C

Working Frequency: 860-960 MHz

Chips: Alien H3

Working Distance: 1-6 meters (Related to card reader equipment)

Application: Suitable for goats, sheep, and other animals

Certificates: ISO9001:2018, SGS, ROHS

Additional Information

  • The UHF Sheep Electronic Ear Tag is a passive RFID tag that uses the UHF frequency band.
  • It is designed to be used on sheep and other livestock to track and identify them.
  • The tag is made of durable TPU material and is IP67 rated, making it waterproof and dustproof.
  • The tag has a read range of up to 6 meters, depending on the RFID reader equipment being used.
  • The tag can be used in a variety of applications, including animal tracking, herd management, and disease control.

Benefits of using the UHF Sheep Electronic Ear Tag:

  • Improved animal tracking and management
  • Reduced labor costs
  • Increased efficiency
  • Reduced losses
  • Improved animal welfare




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