13.56MHz Document tracking RFID Label Roll-30x15mm

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RFID Label Roll is made with the good materials and adhesives, along with the excellent performing inlays and chips.

What’s the difference between RFID Label and RFID Inlay? 

=>  Inlay can be understood as semi-finished products without encapsulation of RFID tags.
RFID inlay can be divided into dry inlay and wet inlay.
RFID Dry inlay does not contain back glue, and its structure is antenna + chip + chip package;
RFID Wet inlay contains back glue, which can be directly attached to objects. The structure is antenna + chip + chip package + PET + Glue+ Release paper;
RFID Label contains back glue and paper surface, which can be print the logo / barcode/ text on the surface and directly attached to objects. The structure is Paper +antenna + chip + chip package + PET + Glue+ Release paper.


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RFID Label Roll Specification:

Tag Form factor: Dry inlay/ Wet Inlay/ Label ,
Attachment method: General purpose adhesive or enclose coated paper,
Antenna size: 27x11mm
Label size: 30x15mm.



  •  Asset Inventory and Tracking
  • Item Level Tagging,

Our service:

OEM/ODM service: 1. Provide technical support
2. RFID label logo/ number print;
3. Chip encoding;
5. Design antenna and label shap as per client’s requirement;
4. 100% testing before shipment

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