13.56MHz HF Inventory Tracking RFID Sticker Tag-56x18mm

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RFID Sticker Tag Description:

13.56MHz RFID Sticker Tag is designed based on NXP chip, which is connected to aluminium etching antenna. RFID label has square and round size for choosing.

There are two types:  RFID Stickers and RFID Inlays,  their characterize is thin and flexible. The main difference between label and inlay is that Inlay are without adhesive and are fully clear, can see the antenna.  while Stickers are with adhesive on one side and the other side  has a paper surface , which available to print logo, number or text on them.




Material: Paper, PVC, PET
Antenna Size:
Label Size:
Chip types:  Ntag213/215/216, Ultraligth EV1, Ultralight-C, Mifare 1K, Mifare 4K, TI-2K, etc.
Protocol: ISO14443A, ISO15693
Temperature:   -20 to +55C(paper);
-20 to +66C(PVC)
-20 to +85C(PET)



  • Logistics management
  • Asset management
  • Inventory management


How RFID labels work

Comparing with traditional bar codes collect & send data with a visual scan, RFID technology collect & send information by using radio waves, but it doesn’t require a line of sight between a label and a scanning device.


RFID Label in Inventory Tracking:

Comparing to scan the goods individually each time one by one,  now it allow to scan the inventory in bulk with RFID technology. RFID also can collect the goods data in traditional warehouse and distribution operations centers.  you can sre which item are in stock and in warehouse on the condition of saving resources.  RFID Label are sticked on inventory and goods, each rfid label chip is serialized to provide an unique identification of each item in your warehouse. Read equipment collect the goods’ movement information when goods moves within the warehouse and distribution center.,  RFID technology help conduct cycle counts and physical inventory counts.

the benefit include: Increase the accuracy of INVENTORY
Reduce manual’s workload of counting
Improve the Turnover rate of inventory
Quickly find out variances and rectify





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