13.56MHz Mifare Ultralight Sticker-73x23mm

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Introducing our cutting-edge 13.56MHz Mifare Ultralight Sticker in a sleek 73x23mm format. This innovative sticker harnesses the power of Mifare Ultralight technology to elevate your interactions and streamline various processes with unmatched efficiency.

Unleash Efficiency and Convenience:
Our 13.56MHz Mifare Ultralight Sticker is meticulously designed for seamless integration into your daily operations. Its compact 73x23mm size allows for versatile application, making it an optimal choice for an array of scenarios.

Elevate Interactions:
With its advanced Mifare Ultralight capabilities, this sticker empowers users to unlock enhanced interactions and experiences. From efficient contactless payments to simplified access control and data exchange, this sticker takes convenience to the next level.

Mifare Ultralight  Sticker  Specification:

Protocol: ISO14443A, ISO15693
Operating Frequency: 13.56MHz
IC type: Mifare 1K, Mifare 4K, Ultralight EV1, Ultralight-C, I-Code SLI(X), Ntag213/215/216, TI-2K, etc
Reading distance: 3~5CM
Surface material: Paper, PVC, PET
Dimension: 73*23mm
Operation temperature: -20 to +55C(paper); -20 to +66C(PVC); -20 to +85C(PET)



  • Document/film tracker
  • Supply chain management
  • Store retail


Custom RFID Labeling

Besides our available RFID options, you also can custom printed with serialized barcodes QR code and encoded with personel data, we also provide customization options to meet specific application needs. It include from antennae size and label size to configuration and material selections.

Goodwin produce unique high performaning mifare ultralight sticker, please contact us for details ([email protected]). Thanks!



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