13.56MHz & UHF 860-960 MHz RFID Cable Tag

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Product Description:

RFID Cable Tag is widely applied in Asset management, Supply chain etc , each cable tag has a unique UID number that can fastly identify and track your asset .


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RFID Cable Tag Specification:

Size: 328 x 77 x 25m
Material: PP
Color: Blue, Green, Yellow, White, etc
13.56MHz chip: Mifare 1K, I-Code SLI, Ntag213, Ultralight EV1, etc
860~960MHz chip: Alien h3, Impinj 4QT, etc
Protocol: ISO14443A, ISO15693, ISO18000-6C
Weight: 7g/pc
Packing: 500pcs/Carton
Carton size: 53*29*32cm


RFID Cabel Tag Application Share:

The rfid cable tag is conforms to EPC Class 1 Gen Standard and its working frequency is 860~960MHz , it’s widely used for food traceability managemnet, include vegetable, tobacco, meat and so on.

Facing the fact of increasingly serious food safety problems, it’s very important to strength social regulation. The cable tag is design with latches to make sure will not fall off, will not cause damage in the process of food. From the processof meat slaughtering to sales on the market, the operator or consumer can accurately track the quality information, confirm the breeding place, slaughtering, processing, inspecition and other prok information throught the rfid tag. This rfid cable tag is very cost-effective for food safety traceablility.


  • Inventory systems
  • Cable management
  • Industrial and Commercial item label


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