134.2 KHz RFID animal tracking tag

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This all-in-one 134.2 KHz RFID animal tracking tag was created specifically for animal management and is commonly used to identify sheep, goats, and cattle. Its plastic must be flexible enough to bend without breaking, hard enough to pierce fashionable old ears, hard enough to protect the internal electronics, and small and light enough to carry.





The 134.2 KHz RFID animal tracking tag is an all-in-one solution meticulously designed for effective animal management. Primarily employed for the identification of sheep, goats, and cattle, this RFID ear tag embodies the ideal balance of flexibility, durability, and compactness. Its plastic construction must be resilient enough to endure bending without breaking, sturdy enough to pierce an animal’s ear comfortably, and compact and lightweight for easy application.

Utilizing RFID Animal Ear Tags:

RFID animal tracking tags, including the 134.2 KHz RFID animal tracking tag, have become indispensable tools for identifying and monitoring various animals, from livestock to pets and wildlife. These tags are typically affixed to the animal’s ear, collar, or body, containing a unique identifier that can be effortlessly read using an RFID reader.

Applications in Farming and Ranching:

134.2 KHz RFID animal tracking tag find widespread usage in farming and ranching for animal identification and management. These versatile tags provide essential information, including the animal’s breed, age, gender, medical history, and ownership details.

Meeting Industry Standards:

For manufacturers of 134.2 KHz RFID animal tracking tag, ensuring compliance with industry standards and regulations is paramount. Standards such as ISO 11784 and ISO 11785 must be met to guarantee the tags’ reliability and interoperability.

Reliable and Durable Construction:

To withstand the rigors of harsh environmental conditions and long-term use, these tags must be constructed with durability in mind. The ability to protect the internal electronics while remaining lightweight and compact is key.

Enhancing Livestock Management:

134.2 KHz RFID animal tracking tag are commonly used for tracking and identifying livestock, encompassing cattle, sheep, and pigs. These tags are seamlessly attached to the animal’s ear with an ear tag applicator. Embedded with a microchip, the tag stores unique identifying information about the animal.

Improved Livestock Operations:

RFID readers are employed to read the tag’s information, allowing for the tracking of the animal’s movements, monitoring its health and behavior, and facilitating effective care management. This data serves a multitude of purposes, including enhancing breeding programs, tracking disease outbreaks, and ensuring the well-being of animals throughout their lives.

Key Features:

  • Compact Size and Lightweight Design
  • ISO11784/5 HDX-B Compliance
  • High Anti-Collision Capability
  • Waterproof Construction
  • Easy Installation

As a manufacturer of 134.2 KHz RFID animal tracking tag, RFID Tag Maker providing reliable and durable tags that meet industry standards, you empower farmers and ranchers with the tools they need to enhance their herds’ management and overall operations.

Material TPU
Size 83*11*14.5mm(inner size 7mm) or   customizable
Color yellow or customized
Optional chip TK4100/EM4305
Memory Determined by the chip
Frequency 125kHz134.2kHz
Protocol ISO 11784/11785
Reading distance 0-10cm
Working Temperature -40° to +85°C (-40° to +185°F)
  • livestock management solutions, such as sheep, pigs, cattle,ect.
  • Livestock Tracking
  • livestock management solutions, such as sheep, pigs, cattle,ect.
  • Livestock Tracking


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