Anti-remove UHF RFID windshield label

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RFID tag windshield label is UHF RFID windshield tag use for tolling or parking .

RFID tag windshield label is RFID anti-remove Windshield Glass Tag Sticker for tollig management
These UHF RFID windshield tag can be attached to vehicles to allow for quick and convenient toll payments. These RFID tag windshield label use radio-frequency identification technology to communicate with toll booths and automatically deduct the toll fees from a driver’s account, eliminating the need for manual payments or stopping at toll booths.

In addition to RFID tag windshield label for toll payments, there are also RFID tamper tags and vehicle windshield glasses labels that can be used for asset trace, transportation parking, fuel gas petrol stations, truck tracking, and electronic toll collection (ETC). These UHF RFID windshield tag help to improve efficiency and security in these areas by enabling the quick and accurate tracking of vehicles and assets.

Vehicle registration and vehicle emission management are two other applications of RFID technology. With RFID tags, vehicle registration can be done quickly and easily, while vehicle emission management can be automated and made more accurate.

UHF RFID windshield tag offers a wide range of benefits for vehicle management, toll payments, asset tracking, and access control, making it an increasingly popular and widely used technology in the transportation and logistics industries.

Frequency: 13.56MHz / 860~960MHz
Dimension: 50*50mm / 102*35mm, 110*45mm
Thickness: 0.3mm~0.5mm(Release paper layer not included)
Reading Range 3~10cm(HF); 6~9meter(UHF)
Material: Paper, PET layer with technique prohibit migration
Image: Second surface – Printed on underside
Data: Variable data process
Adhesive: Pressure-sensitive adhesive
Operating / Storage Temp.: -30 ~ 75℃
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