Ceramic NFC Ring

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NFC Smart Ring is a product that masterful blend of art and technology. It has a fashionable appearance and powerful functions. This NFC ring uses Zirconia ceramics that is often used to make jewelry, high-end & durable.,

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Ceramic NFC Ring 6


RFID TAG MAKERceramic NFC ring, made of zirconia ceramics, has excellent hardness and gloss. It has a smooth surface, exuding the texture of jewelry, and looks more high-end and luxurious. Besides, this RFID smart ring has high density, resistance to falling, and durable.

Our RFID/NFC ring comes in many colors, like classical black, cute pink, bright blue, etc. And you can customize it. Except for the NFC basic function, you can customize some popular functions. For example, negative ions, temperature-sensitive discoloration, ultraviolet discoloration, adding a LED light, etc.


  • Made of zirconia ceramics: high density, good hardness, durability, and anti-fall
  • High-end and luxurious: Good gloss, good texture, good look
  • Available in all sizes: 6-12 (American standard) or customize
  • IP68 grade waterproof and dustproof
  • Built-in ultra-sensitive NFC chip, no need to charge, ready to use
  • Customized service: Various styles, crafts, colors that you can choose
  • Multi-function: mobile interaction, can be used as a key or payment card or access card, etc.


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Ceramic NFC Ring 7

NFC rings can be used in many applications. Connect with NFC-enable smartphones, it can realize various interaction applications. For example, fast open APPs, share Wi-Fi passwords, etc.
Besides, it is also used in access control management, payment, membership management, etc.
In a word, its application almost completely covers areas where NFC tags can be used.



Item NFC Smart Ring
Material Ceramic
Color Black, pink, red, blue, etc.
Chip Ntag213, Ntag215, Ntag216, etc.
Type NFC
Craft silkscreen logo/Laser serial number/UID print etc
Working Temperature -20~+70°C
Size φ16.5 mm, φ17.3 mm, φ18.2 mm, φ18.9 mm, φ19.8 mm, φ20.7 mm, φ21.3 mm (6-12)
Data Retention 10 years
Erase cycle 100,000 times
Samples Free samples are available upon request
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