Custom NFC label NXP Ntag 424 DNA

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  • Material: Art paper, Clear PET, Aluminum antenna
  • Size: 36mm x 18mm
  • Chip: NXP 424 DNA
  • Standard: ISO/IEC 14443 Type A
  • Frequency: 13.56Mhz
  • Memory: 256 bytes (for NDEF message)


Elevate your NFC and IoT applications to new heights with our ⌀17mm NXP Ntag®424 DNA Label. This NFC label NXP Ntag 424 DNA sets a new standard in secure NFC and IoT applications. Engineered for ISO14443A and NFC Type 4 compatibility, it offers AES-128 cryptographic encryption and SUN authentication for unmatched security and real-time user experiences. Ideal for advanced product protection and secure transactions in NFC Crypto Wallets and NFT marketplaces.

NFC label NXP Ntag 424 DNA Physical Specifications:

  • Label Size: ⌀17mm
  • Antenna Size: ⌀15mm
  • Thickness: 0.25mm/0.010 in
  • Core Diameter: 3″
  • Outer Diameter: 8″ max
  • Labels per Roll: 1000-5000

NFC label NXP Ntag 424 DNA RF Specifications:

  • NFC Chip: NTAG®424 DNA
  • UID Type: 7 Byte
  • User Memory: 416-bytes
  • Protocols: ISO14443A | NFC Type 4
  • Frequency: 13.56 MHz
  • Security: AES-128 Encryption
  • Common Criteria® EAL4
  • Data Rates: Up to 848 kbit/s
  • Data Retention: 50 Years
  • Write Endurance: 200,000 cycles

NFC label NXP Ntag 424 DNA Material Selection:

  • Clear PET
  • Clear PET + 3M467
  • PET + 3M467
  • Coated Paper
  • PP Synthetic Paper
  • Tamper-Evident
  • On-Metal

Environmental Specifications:

  • Operating Limits: -40° to +70°C, 20% to 90% RH
  • Storage Limits: -25° to +90°C, 20% to 90% RH

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