Dia25mm Anti Metal NFC Tags iPhone

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This NFC Tags Iphone are with a layer of ferrite to allow for use on metal, aluminum and electronic surfaces, excellent work on laptop and phone,  asset tracking on servers and laptops in IT data centers and quality control

Among the Ntag chip, NTAG215 chip commonly used as Amiibo with the Nintendo Switch, Nintendo Wii-U and other NFC compatible Nintendo systems.

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NFC Tags iPhone Specification:

Size: Diameter 25mm(1 inch)
Antenna size: Diameter 22mm
Tag Thickness: 0.55+/-0.04mm
Ferrit (anti-metal) material thickness: 0.2mm
Material: Paper
Adhesive: 3M Strong Self-Adhesive
Chip Type: Ntag213/ NTAG215(Same chip as Nintendo Amiibos)/ Ntag216 (NFC Forum Type 2 Tag)
Frequency: 13.56MHz
Protocol: ISO/IEC 14443A & 18000-3
Reading Distance: 1cm – 5cm(depend on the reader and using environment)
Function: Read and Write
Data Retention > 10 Years
Lockable: YES
Anti-metal:  YES


Key Feature:

  •  Compatible and programmable with all NFC-enabled phones & devices
  •  With ferrit layer, designed for use on metal surfaces



  • Payment
  • Product Identification
  • Share a WiFi Network/ Set Cellphone alarm/ Launch An App/ Turn your Wi-Fi or Bluetooth
  • Small epuipment tracking, like laptop,  small home appliances etc


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