FDX-B ID64 RFID Microchip Reader Scanner

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  • R/W standard:ISO11784/5 FDX-B
  • Frequency:134.2KHz
  • Dimension:Ø1.25*8mm
  • sterilization:EO gas, 5 years’ guarantee
  • International Committee For Animal Recording (ICAR)


Introducing our low-cost universal microchip reader, the perfect solution for reading RFID tags on pets. Specifically designed for FDX-B and ID64 RFID microchips, this reader/scanner offers versatile functionality at an affordable price.

Equipped with an OLED display and rechargeable battery, this product provides convenient and user-friendly operation. Its ability to read various types of RFID tags ensures compatibility with a wide range of applications, delivering stable, safe, and reliable performance every time.

With a reading range of 10cm for FDX-B ear tags and 7cm for microchips, this universal microchip reader is ideal for use in veterinary clinics, animal shelters, and pet identification programs. Invest in our reader/scanner and experience the convenience and efficiency of RFID tag reading for pet identification and tracking.

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