LF 125KHz RFID Tree Tags for Tree Identification

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Are you looking for a rfid tag for your Park management? Are you looking for a rfid tag to track and manage your expensive wood or furniture? Please leave your attention here to see the details as below:

The RFID Tree Tags is encapsulate of epoxy resin, ultrasonic welding, to make sure the tag is waterproof and resist-proof, and it also can work properly in bad envirnment. The tag can record all information from sapling to towering tree or Furniture factory can tracking the woods from which place is the best choice.         Because the nail tag is narrow and small, there is no much space for the rfid antenna, the reading range of the nail tag is short,  the reading range for 125KHz chip is around 2~3cm.

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RFID Tree Tags Specification:

Size: Φ6mmX35mm
Material: ABS
Product Weight: 1.25g
Chip Type: TK4100, EM4200, T5577
Frequency: 125KHZ
Sensing distance: 1 ~ 3cm


RFID Tree Tags Installation:

firstly, you need make a hole in the wood or tree, secondly insert nail tag with a rubber plastic hammer, later there will be nearly impossible to remove. And you need pay an attention that avoid drilling nail tag in the wood or tree directly, it will damage the nail tag.


Nail Tag Application:

  • Timber identification & management
  • Asset tracking
  • Furniture tracking
  • Production and operation processes.
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