Printable On Metal RFID stickers

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Cutting-Edge Performance: Our Flexible On-Metal RFID Tags are designed to deliver superior performance even in challenging metal environments, ensuring consistent and reliable data collection.


Printable On Metal RFID stickers are the ideal solution for laboratory inventory and asset tracking. These high-quality RFID labels are specifically designed to be attached to metal surfaces, providing an efficient and reliable tracking system.

With their unique engineering, these stickers offer a rugged labeling solution that is optimized for both metal and plastic surfaces. This means you can easily track and manage your laboratory equipment, supplies, and assets without any hassle.

The key advantage of these RFID stickers is their printability. You can easily print important information such as item names, serial numbers, or barcodes directly onto the stickers, ensuring accurate and efficient identification. This eliminates the need for additional labeling or tagging, saving you valuable time and resources.

By utilizing RFID technology, these stickers enable seamless and automated data capture. Simply scan the stickers with an RFID reader, and the information is instantly recorded in your tracking system. This not only improves efficiency but also minimizes human error, ensuring accurate and real-time inventory management.

The Printable On Metal RFID stickers are highly durable and built to withstand harsh laboratory environments. They are resistant to water, chemicals, and extreme temperatures, ensuring reliable performance even in challenging conditions.

Experience the convenience and efficiency of Printable On Metal RFID stickers for your laboratory inventory and asset tracking needs. Simplify your tracking processes, improve accuracy, and gain full control over your valuable resources.

Due to its sensitivity to metal environments, regular RFID tag sticker exhibit a very limited reading distance when attached to metal surfaces, often rendering them unreadable. This presents significant challenges in data collection. Addressing this issue, RFID Tag Maker introduces the Printable On Metal RFID stickers, meticulously crafted to be affixed onto both metal and non-metal surfaces, even those presenting difficulties.

Characterized by its adaptable anti-metal ferrite layer and meticulously optimized antenna design, the RFID Tag Maker Printable On Metal RFID stickers stands out with exceptional performance, catering to diverse application domains. It ensures consistent reading distances for both on-metal and off-metal scenarios, thereby maintaining data collection integrity.

Distinguished by its ultra-slim profile, the flexible anti-metal UHF label boasts a thickness of less than 1.2mm. This slim design serves as a dependable solution for generating on-site printed RFID asset tags. Employing an RFID printer, such as the SATO CL4NX or Toshiba SX-5, enables effortless printing and encoding of these tags.

The on-metal RFID label exhibits remarkable pliability, rendering it suitable for flat or mildly curved metal surfaces. Applications span various domains, including IT assets, medical devices, metal pipes, and containers. Functioning as a superior, budget-friendly anti-metal RFID tag, it amalgamates high performance, cost-effectiveness, and versatility. It holds an advantage over many RFID hard metal tags in terms of its lightweight nature, flexibility, printability, and overall cost.

RFID Tag Maker has introduced an array of economically viable flexible anti-metal RFID tags, thereby expanding options and possibilities in this domain.

Features of Printable On Metal RFID stickers

  • Optimal RFID Functionality on Metal Surfaces
  • Compact and Exceptionally Thin Design, Merely 1mm Thick, Enabling Thermal Transfer Printing Compatibility
  • Adaptable Tag Conforms to Curved Surfaces
  • Extended Reading Range of Up to 8 Meters Upon Metal Application
  • Compliance with FCC and ETSI Frequencies
  • Incorporates IP68 Protection Rating

Applications of Printable On Metal RFID stickers

  • Efficient Management of IT Assets and Medical Facilities
  • Identification for Inventory Management within Metal Items
  • Authentication in Industrial Pipeline Manufacturing and Metal Componentry
  • Enhancement of Supply Chain and Logistics Management
  • Oversight of Fire Extinguishers, Scaffolding, Steel Trays, Trolleys, Beer Barrels, Gas Cylinders, Mechanical Parts, Liquid Tanks, and Paint Bucket Operations

Why buy Printable On Metal RFID stickers from RFID Tag Maker ?

Cutting-Edge Performance: Our Flexible On-Metal RFID Tags are designed to deliver superior performance even in challenging metal environments, ensuring consistent and reliable data collection.

Ultra-Thin Design: With an ultra-slim profile, our tags measure only 1mm in thickness. This slim form factor allows for easy integration and compatibility with thermal transfer printing methods.

Adaptability to Curved Surfaces: The flexibility of our tags enables seamless attachment to curved surfaces, expanding their applicability to a wider range of objects and structures.

Extended Reading Range: Once affixed to metal surfaces, our tags exhibit an impressive reading range of up to 8 meters, enhancing operational efficiency and data accessibility.

Regulatory Compliance: Our Flexible On-Metal RFID Tags adhere to both FCC and ETSI frequency standards, ensuring global compatibility and regulatory compliance.

Robust Protection: Engineered with an IP68 protection rating, our tags offer a high level of durability and resistance to environmental factors such as moisture and dust.

Expertise and Innovation: RFID TAG MAKER boasts a track record of expertise and innovation in RFID technology, ensuring that you receive cutting-edge solutions tailored to your specific needs.

Wide Range of Applications: From IT asset management to industrial pipeline identification, our tags find utility in diverse sectors, enabling streamlined processes and improved operational efficiency.

Reliable Support: Our team is dedicated to providing excellent customer support, assisting you at every step of the way from selection to implementation.

Quality Assurance: RFID TAG MAKER is committed to delivering high-quality products that meet industry standards, ensuring that you invest in dependable and long-lasting RFID solutions.

Make the smart choice by opting for Flexible On-Metal RFID Tags from RFID TAG MAKER, where innovation, reliability, and customer satisfaction converge.

Technical Parameters

Product nameFlexible Printable UHF RFID Tag
Substrate materialPET
FrequencyFCC: 902-928MHz; ETSI: 866-868MHz
ProtocolEPC Global Gen2  ISO/IEC 18000-6C
ChipMonza R6-P, UCODE 8
EPC128 bits
User32 bits
Read rangeUp to 8 meters
Temperature resistance-20℃ ~ 85℃
CraftsSelf-adhesive,fit for curve surface
PersonalizationPrinting & Encoding
PrinterZebra, SATO

Product Video

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