RFID Cattle Tags for Livestock Management

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RFID Cattle Tags for Livestock Management

A custom RFID cattle ear tag is for animal tracking and livestock management. ZBTECH is a China-based leading manufacturer and supplier of RFID animal ear tags, electronic ear tags for cattle. We use imported TPU material and GS1 UHF Gen2-compliant UHF inlay inside.This allows the manager of livestock get the data in a long distance.

On the electronic ear RFID tags for cattle, laser printing for serial number and bar code are available, in this way, a visual tags help the management.


RFID Cattle Tracking Tags – Benefits & Features

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Livestock identification using RFID and EID ear tags
1. It’s good for Animal Disease Control

The electronic ear tag can manage the ear number of each animal together with the information of its breed, source, production performance, immunity status,
health status, livestock owner, etc. Can trace its source, distinguish the responsibility, plug the loophole, thus realize the science of animal husbandry,
institutionalization, improve the level of animal husbandry management.

2. RFID livestock tracking it’s good for safety

The RFID animal tag is an excellent tool to identify and manage a large number of
livestock in all aspects. Through the plastic livestock tags, the hidden trouble can be found in time, and the corresponding control measures can be taken quickly to
ensure the safety of production.

3. UHF cattle tags improve Farm Management

In the management of livestock and poultry, an easy-to-manage ear tag is used to
realize the identification of individual animal, and an ear tag with a unique
code is assigned to each animal to realize the unique identification of individual animal. And collect all data by RFID reader.



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