RFID Windshield Tag With Alien H3 9654

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Are you looking for an RFID windshield tag that perfectly matches your RFID system, making your RFID system more popular and help you win more orders? Here it is!,Our windshield tag adopts the UFC chip, avoids the problem such as the vehicle identification response is slow, the distance is far from being read, to provide users more efficient vehicle management solutions.,It is designed with multiple security incisions to prevent it from being transferred.,Our windshield tag features resist fading and cracking, high temperature resistance, not easy to deform, strong adhesion, etc.,

RFID tag Maker produced the Alien higgs tags , Alien higgs 3 wet inly or dry inlay.
The ALN-9654 h3 Inlay is a marvel, powered by Alien®’s revolutionary Higgs™3 UHF RFID IC, coupled with an ingenious antenna design. This combination bestows upon the tag unparalleled EPC Gen 2 performance and a level of reliability that is second to none. Across the diverse frequencies of the Americas, Europe, Middle East, Asia, and Africa, the ALN-9654 complies with the World Tag standard, ensuring seamless operation worldwide.

The ALN-9654 higgs 3 Inlay tag showcases a host of remarkable features that set it apart from its peers. It boasts a 32-bit TID (Tag Identifier) for precise identification, along with a 64-bit Unique TID, serving as a safeguard for authentication and serialization applications. The extensible EPC memory bank enables versatile data management, providing 512 bits of user memory for distributed data applications.
RFID tag Maker manufacturing ALN-9654 higgs 3 Inlay tag as RFID Windshield Tag.
RFID windshield tags are designed to be placed on the inside of a vehicle’s windshield and provide a non-invasive and cost-effective method of identifying and tracking vehicles. The passive RFID technology used in these tags allows for quick and easy identification of the vehicle as it passes through a reader, without the need for additional hardware or staff. This makes them ideal for use in toll roads, parking lots, gated communities, and other access control applications where efficient and reliable vehicle identification is essential.
RFID windshield tags are the perfect solution for vehicle identification. Use any tracked vehicle, whether on a toll road, in a secure parking lot, or in a closed residential area.
Passive RFID tags provide a reading range of more than 20 feet, enabling efficient entry and exit wtih RFID windshield tags, there is no need for on-site staff and no need to stop and buy a vehicle rfid reader.

Why buy Alien 9654 RFID tag ?

Alien 9654 RFID tag
As technology advances, the ALN-9654 RFID Tag continues to be at the forefront of innovation, constantly adapting to meet evolving needs and challenges. With its exceptional performance, adaptability, and unmatched reliability, this Alien Technology® creation remains an indispensable tool for industries worldwide.

So, whether you are in the automotive sector seeking seamless toll collection or a logistics company striving to streamline your supply chain, the ALN-9654 RFID Tag is the answer to unlocking unparalleled efficiency and accuracy in your operations.

Embrace the future of RFID technology with Alien 9654 – the tag that redefines what’s possible.

1. Efficiency Redefined
Incorporating the ALN-9654 RFID Tag into your operations spells a transformative shift towards enhanced efficiency. By effortlessly identifying and tracking high-dielectric materials like windshields and plastic pallets, the tag streamlines processes, saving precious time and resources. Its multiple frequency optimized sensitivity ensures seamless operation, making it a reliable companion for any venture.

2. Global Compatibility
One of the key strengths of the ALN-9654 G Inlay lies in its worldwide performance. Complying with the World Tag standard, this RFID tag is designed to function harmoniously across diverse frequencies spanning continents. Whether you operate in the Americas, Europe, Middle East, Asia, or Africa, this tag is your universal solution, providing consistent, reliable performance regardless of your geographic location.

3. Unmatched Reliability
The Higgs™3 UHF RFID IC at the heart of the ALN-9654 G Inlay guarantees unrivaled reliability. This breakthrough innovation by Alien Technology® empowers the tag with ultra-high, best-of-breed performance. Say goodbye to the worries of data loss or misidentification; with this tag, precision and accuracy are a given.

4. Security Reinforced
Data security is a paramount concern in today’s digital landscape. The ALN-9654 RFID Tag takes this matter seriously with its extensive security features. The 64-bit Unique TID ensures foolproof authentication and serialization applications. Moreover, the password-protected read and write support capabilities act as a formidable defense against unauthorized access and data tampering.

5. Versatile Applications
The applications of the Alien 9654 RFID Tag are boundless. Its proficiency in handling high-dielectric materials makes it ideal for various sectors. From automotive applications, where it seamlessly integrates with windshields, to logistics and warehousing, where it optimizes the management of reusable plastic pallets and containers, the tag proves its versatility time and again.

6. Elevating Sports and Events
In the realm of sports and high-speed events like motocross and triathlons, precision and real-time data play a crucial role. The ALN-9654 RFID Tag steps up to the challenge, effortlessly capturing and managing race data. With this tag, event organizers and participants can enjoy a seamless and data-rich experience.

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