UHF 860-960 MHz Tamper-proof RFID Jewelry Tags

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This UHF RFID Jewelry Tags is designed for anti-theft system for  jewellery stock taking, point of sales along with item level tagging. Every jewelry  product attached with a rfid tamper-proof jewelry label, from which to help count esily. Each jewelry label has a unique ID code, and can recode some details of jewelry cerificate like the jewelry’s weight, purity, grade, warehouse and shelves. Trhougth all retails and distribute processes in an all-round way, It can automatically collect in and out all jewelry products’s data info.  The RFID Jewelry Label is complaint with iso15693 (I-Code SLIX chip) and ISO18000-6C(EPC Class 1 Gen 2) standard.     The RFID  Jewellery Tag is one of the smallest tag with long tail for surrounding rings or glassess, also most economic Jewellery tag suitable for any small objects tagging.



RFID Jewelry Tags Specification:

Chip: HF I-Code SLIX ,  UHF Alien/Impinj
Frequency: 13.56MHz, 860~960MHz
Protocol: ISO15693, ISO18000-6C
Material: Paper, PVC, PET
Temperature:  -10℃ to +50℃ (Paper)
-10℃ to +60℃ (PVC)
-10℃ to +100℃(PET)
Customization: logo print, number print,  barcode or QR code print, encoding.
Reading range: HF: 2~5cm , UHF: 0~2Meters

51868849691354860 6244178536757664004 1706431194766657500


RFID Jewelry Tags Application:

  • Jewelry inventory management
  • Supply chain and logistics management
  • Fashion jewelry and Sunglasses etc
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