UHF Park Planting Breeding RFID Plant Tags

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This RFID Plant tags is designed for outdoor applications, with tapered cut shape and easy to insert into soil, and the tag’s length help its high stability after inserted into soil.  This tags are widely used in the cultivation and flowers management, potted plants, vegatables, fruits, medicines, and so on, and also can classify and manage the soil,  It also can use as a small display board in the park.  The rfid plant tags can record many accurated information of ancient tree in the park or forest, like ancient tree name, tree age, subject, whether there has been migration or not, its survial status and other information, so we can supervise the trees more comprehensively and reasonably.  Moreover, this .  This UHF RFID plant tree tags has a long working life and long reading range, and each tag has a unique UID code, each plant will has its own unique identifier.  It’s available for barcode printing and QR Code, and Print UID or EPC code.


RFID Plant Tags Specifciation:

Color: Yellow, Blue, Green etc
Material: PP
Size: 336mm length x 100mm width x 50mm tag width
Operating temperature: -30~+85C
Frequency: 860~960MHz
Chip: Alien, Impinj, NXP
Standard: EPC Class 1 Gen 2 / ISO 18000-6C
Customized: Silk-screen logo print, Inject/ Laser number print, Chip encoding
Fature: Waterproof, moisture-proof; sun and corrosion resistant



RFID Plant tags Application:

  •  Cultivation and flowers management
  • Potted plants
  • Soil classification and management


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