Ultra High Temperature RFID Tag

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 Ultra High Temperature RFID(SAW) Tag

 Ultra High Temperature RFID Tag or so-called SAW tag developed for industrial environment, it works in Surface Acoustic Wave(SAW) technology, the chip is made of piezoelectric materials other than silicon so that it can withstand ultra-high temperature and strong electromagnetic interference. Uru 40 is resistant to up to 350℃, vibration, shock, and other harsh environments due to its SAW chip and specially made antenna, as well as rugged housing, it is read by a specific SAW reader and can be read at up to 6 meters distance. the ID number of Uru 40 is pre-programmed and can’t be changed so that it is applicable for high-security scenarios.

 ultra-high-temperature RFID tag can be easily mounted to the asset via screw, rivet, or welding, and carries an over 40 years life expectancy; it is an ideal product for steel ladle tracking, specific vehicle tracking, work in process management, equipment lifecycle management in ultra harsh environment.

Feature and Benefit of  Ultra High Temperature RFID tag

  • Specially made chip, antenna, and housing ensure up to 350℃ high temperature.
  • Up to 20 meters reading range
  • ID is not changeable ensures security application
  • Multiple attaching methods including screw, rivet, and welding
  • Customized painting characters and barcodes can be offered

Mechanical Specification

Material Metal
Size 180x160x50mm(7.10×6.3×2 in)
Weight 5kg/11lb

RF Specification

Frequency UHF
Reading range Up to 20m
Chipset Crepak
Memory Up to 64 bit

Environment Specification

Operation temp -20 – 350℃
Store temp -20 – 350℃
Protection IP68
Shock and vibration MIL STD 810-G
Mounting way Screw, rivet, welding
Warranty 12 months after delivery
Lifecycle More than 40 years


Steel ladle tracking
Work in process management
Vehicle tracking

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