Windshield RFID Tag UHF Label

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What is RFID tag in car?
RFID Vehicle Tags are perfect for gated parking, car washes, and manufacturing process management, automobile identification applications and access control. Usually use RFID Windshield UHF label, RFID Tyre Tag.


Windshield RFID Tag UHF Label


Materials: polyester and paper
Affixing Methods: Pressure-sensitive adhesive
Environment: Mild and moderate. Resists moderate solvents
and caustics/acids
ISO 18000-6C/6B Passive UHF PET Windshield Tag.
it’ Anti-dismantle, Specially designed for car use.
Size is: 110*45mm or customized

Only tag within active region will be read, this avoids the reader from incorrectly reading the tag in the car behind,as this causes anti passback problem.

rfid windshield tag,

RFID tag on car windshield

rfid UHF tracking sticker,


1, Must build an expensive and unnessary awning.
2, Hands will still get wet during heavy rain as awning are not very effective.
3, High potential for robber to grab your hands during flashing access cards.
4, Long car queue during peak hours.


1, Enjoy the convenient of handsfree- no need fully stop to flash card.
2, No more getting hand wet during rainy days or expose to robbery threat when winding down windows to parking card.
3, Reduce congestion of long car queue during peak hours.
4, Add premium prestige reputation to your residential or commercial building.


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