RFID Stickers Applications

Any surface can have RFID stickers attached to it. To expose the adhesive layer of the tag, you will need to remove a transparent or translucent cover. Here are some of RFID stickers’ most common uses:

Vehicle Identification
The main function of RFID stickers is this. The sticker has sufficient memory for storing important information such as the date of purchase, vehicle identification number, date of the last service, and date of purchase. When your vehicle is in close proximity to an RFID reader, it will display this information for identification purposes.

The following industries find this information particularly valuable:

Facilities for Car Washes RFID readers are widespread in car wash facilities. The service providers provide RFID stickers to their customers that must be adhered to the vehicle. This enables cleaners to review the vehicle’s condition and the owner’s cleaning preferences prior to beginning the cleaning process. The last visit date, the owner’s preferred level/type of cleaning, and the frequency of cleaning are some of the details that can be stored on such stickers.
Tolling Stations. Toll payments, overweight vehicle flagging, and defaulters can all be done with RFID stickers. RFID readers are strategically installed at toll booths to record the information of each vehicle with an RFID sticker. The tag can also be linked to a bank account to facilitate the automatic payment of tolls.
Automobile Retailers When dealing with numerous vehicles, it is difficult to remember the specifications of each vehicle. You can avoid this inconvenience by writing the details of each vehicle on an RFID sticker and attaching it to the corresponding vehicle. Scanning the RFID sticker in this case will allow you to quickly retrieve all of the vehicle’s information.
Tracking Assets
You can effectively track assets using RFID stickers. RFID stickers are durable and have a strong adhesive. Quickly retrieve asset information by scanning the asset tags.

Estimating Transit Times
Long-distance trucks deliver products to specific customers. Due to the high value of consignments, buyers and sellers have a strong desire to know the location and estimated arrival time of trucks.

Utilizing RFID stickers is one of the most reliable tracking methods. The owner will receive a timestamp whenever these vehicles pass through a toll equipped with RFID readers. As a result, they will be able to estimate the location of the truck and the delivery time.

Management of Stock
RFID stickers provide a relatively cheap method of product identification and inventory control. They can be affixed to each of your products, allowing for a streamlined checkout and simple order tracking.

You’ll need an RFID reader to accomplish this. Whenever an object is passed in front of the reader, it will display the item’s tracking information, including the purchase date, number of items still in stock, batch number, and expiration date, among others.

This system prevents you from under- or over-stocking. In addition, the system alerts you to items with a short shelf life so that they can be disposed of with ease.

Track Entry And Exit Of Visitors
Some nations, such as Japan and Norway, have embedded RFID chips in passports to store information about visitors. Such information is crucial because it enhances security by keeping track of who enters and exits a country.

RFID stickers are especially useful because they are thin and can be manufactured on a transparent substrate. This allows them to be easily attached to the passport without affecting its readability or functionality.



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