125 KHz/ 13.56MHz RFID Tag Pallet Tracking

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RFID Tag Pallet Tracking Description:

RFID pallet tag is perfect to use to track a pallet’s location from wood to plastic pallets. The token tag is made of ABS house, with waterproof feature. The tags is with 3M adhesive and attached to pallet objects, to sort, track, identify any object they choose to tag. Meanwhile, It gives you a great visibility of the product the pallet is carring, the location in the warehouse. With this pallet tag, You also can check the right products are reaching your production lines in the correct quantity, to check if it meet the quality aussurance. The pallet tag design is small, can be well stick on the pallet, not easy to be collided or worn during pallet transportation.  It’s a good using practice in application in warehouse.

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RFID Pallet Tracking Working Flow:

1. RFID Pallet tag stick on the pallet, rfid reader install at the entrance and exit of the gate of the warehouse, when the pallet pass throught the reader equipment, the tag info is read.
2. RFID reader automatically read the tag information and upload it to system whent the goods are in and out of the warehouse.
3. Pallet classification to make sure the information and label on the pallet is matched.
4. The RFID reader on the forklift can automatically identify the pallet classification and put the goods in  the correct position when the goods are put on the shelves and transferred.
5. The warehouse keeper can use the handheld reader to identify the lcoation, inventory and goods classification.


RFID Pallet Tag Specifications:

Size: Dia20mm, Dia30mm, Dia39mm
Chip:  TK4100/Mifare 1K/ I-Code SLI/ Ntag213/ Ntag215/ Ntag216
Frequency: 125KHz/ 13.56MHz
Material:  ABS
Reading Range: 0~10CM (reader dependant)
Temperature: -20 ~ +60C
Feature: Waterproof, Shockproof
Color: Black, White, Orange, etc
Customize: Logo and number print
Installation: Adhesive with 3M sticker or Screw


RFID Pallet Tracking Applications:

  • Pallet tracking
  • Property tracking
  • Warehouse management
  • Patrol


Application Case Share:  Smart Pallet Tracking: RFID Implementation In Warehouse

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