13.56MHz RFID Disposable Wristband for Patient

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Product Description:

Do you know, with RFID patient wristbands, how to improve the hospital everyday work of doctors and improve the patients’ comforts?

With RFID wristband, can raise working efficiency of doctor’s rounds, correctly identify convalescents, eliminiating the mistakes with drug administration. The rfid chip can store large data for the complete patients’ tracking, admission time, medication records, previous history with the hospital in the hospital, etc, help the doctor better know you.

It’s noted that the good prastice in using rfid wristband not only for hospital staff, but also for the patient’s comfort.

Firstly, it help protect the personal information of patients, respect the patients’ privacy(Only the rfid reader of medical personnel can scan the patients’ personal information).

Secondly, No need any interaction between the doctor and the patient. The doctor can read all the data without disturbing patient’s sleeping, the patient may keep her/his wrist with the rfid wristband under a blanket or bed comforter, any comfortable position .

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RFID Patient Wristbands Specification:

Dimension: 250mm(length( x 25mm(width)
Material: PVC
Chip: Mifare 1K
Functionality: Read/ Write
Operation Frequency: 13.56MHz
Protocol: ISO14443A
Reading range: 5CM (reader dependent)
Color: Blue, Red, Orange, Black, Green, etc
Customization:  Number print, Logo print
Feature:  Disposable ,  Waterproof



  • Hospital
  • Clinic



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