134.2KHz Cow Sheep Pig Tracking RFID Animal Tag

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Product Description:

The RFID Animal Tag is designed for animals, with the feature of fast identification, low failure rate and stability.  it is mainly used in sheep, goat and horse for livestock management and tracking, grasping the information in real-time of the livestock’s growth, breeding, vaccinations, disease and quarantine status, to help farm operator timely detect the disease and epidemics to reduce losses.  meanwhile, improving the management level of farm employees,  help saving labor cost and efficiently manage these animals.

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RFID Animal Tag Specification:

Protocol: ISO 11784/ 11785 (FDX-B)
Frequency: 134.2 KHz
Chip: T5577, EM4305, Hitag S256
Reading Rang: 5CM
Size: 82x12x18mm
Installation mode: Clasp
Color: Yellow
Customization: Laser print serial number,  Print logo, barcode, etc



  • Livestock management
  • Animal identification and breeding
  • Slaughter management,
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