134.2KHz Livestock Tracking RFID Cattle Tags

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Material: TPU
Frequency: 134.2 KHz
Chip: EM4305, Hitag S256
RAM: 512 bit(EM4305), 256 bits (Hitag S256)
Protocol: ISO 11784/ 11785


Product Description:

RFID cattle tags designed for livestock management , such as cattle, pig, sheep, horse, etc,  and it support multi-tag reading .  Usually there are large amount and kinds of herds in the farm, it’s difficult to manage the record and track each animal, especially for rasied by 1 person or a family. While this rfid cattle tags can help farmer record these livestocks’ bloodlines, birth dates, vaccinations, breeding and other key criteria necessary for raising animals.

1. The Whispers of Identification

Imagine a sun-kissed pasture, where cattle graze contentedly. Amidst this bucolic scene, hidden in the folds of their ears, lie unassuming heroes—the RFID cattle tags. These tiny marvels are the silent storytellers of a herd, revealing tales of lineage, health, and life itself.

2. The Anatomy of a Tag

a. Material and Frequency

Crafted from TPU (Thermoplastic Polyurethane), these tags operate at a precise frequency of 134.2KHz. Their mission? To weave an intricate web of data around each animal.

b. The Microchip Within

Embedded within the tag is a microchip—an electronic soul that whispers secrets. Two contenders vie for this role:

  • EM4305: With 512 bits of RAM, it’s the sage keeper of information.
  • Hitag S256: A more succinct chip with 256 bits, yet equally potent.

c. Protocol and Mode

These tags dance to the rhythm of ISO 11784/11785, harmonizing with global standards. In their passive mode, they humbly await their moment in the spotlight.

d. Resilience and Endurance

Extreme conditions? Fear not. These tags scoff at frosty -70°C temperatures and shrug off humidity between 20% and 90% RH. They’re the stoic guardians of your herd.

e. The Reading Range

Picture a rancher with a handheld reader. As they approach, the tag’s magic unfurls—a reading range of approximately 3 centimeters. Close enough to whisper, yet distant enough to respect privacy.

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RFID Cattle Tags Specification:

Material: TPU
Frequency: 134.2 KHz
Chip: EM4305, Hitag S256
RAM: 512 bit(EM4305), 256 bits (Hitag S256)
Protocol: ISO 11784/ 11785
(Support ISO 11784 animal tracking data standards;
Support ISO 11785 animal tracking electrical standard)
Working mode: Passive
Operating limits: -70℃/ 20%~90% RH.
Write cycles: 100000 times
Data rentention: 10 years
Reading range: 3cm
Color: Yellow
Size: Dia30x15mm(Female), Dia*55mm(male)



  • Livestock management
  • Animal breeding
  • Pet and lab identification

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