860 ~ 960 MHz RFID Tag for Medical Devices

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Product Description:

Before hospital adopt barcode system and scanner, but it limited the usage in healthcare supply chain because the factors of unable to store data and editable, and easy to replicate, and barcodes must be read one.  Nowadays, RFID Technology have applied in many industries,  and also implement in medical device management in hospital, where used to manage devical devices, hospital assets, track surgical tool and medications.

The rfid tag for medical device, supplied by Goodwin, is a pcb metal tag, with many size range (from small to big) for choose as per objects’ need.  can be adhesive to the small surgical tool or install on the metal medical equipment.   RFID based- rfid medical tags provide traceability, identification and location of the medical devices and equipment in real time.

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RFID Medical Tag Specification:

Protocol: EPC Class 1  Gen 2 / ISO 18000-6C
Frequency: 860~960 MHz
Chip: Alien H3/H4,  Impinj Monza series/ NXP
Temperature: -40 ℃ ~ 80 ℃
Writing times: > 100.000
Data retention: >10 years
IP Classification: IP68
Available size: D5mm 5x3mm D6mm 6x3mm 6x6mm 8x3mm 10x4mm D10mm 13x7mm D16mm… 15x4mm 18x8mm
Reading range: 0~10Meters ( depend on the tag size and reader used)

  • Reading referance (metal, dia5mm tag):
    corrected reading: thingmagic m6-e, 36dbm / 4W:
    USA (902-928 MHz): 100 cm;
    EU (865-868 MHz): 90 cm;
  • handheld Reader: op9908, R2000, 33dbm / 2W:
    USA (902-928 MHz): 60 cm;
    EU (865-868 MHz): 50 cm;

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  • Metal mold
  • Medical device management,
  • Identification of surgical instruments
  • Small asset monitoring
  • IT asset tracking
  • Embedded bolt identification


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