Custom NTAG424 DNA TT Wine Bottle Sticker

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  • Material: PP paper / PVC / PET
  • Sizes: 25×50 mm, 25×60 mm, 25×125 mm
  • Color Options: White, Printable
  • Weight: 3g
  • Package: Supplied on rolls for easy application


The NTAG424 DNA TT Wine Bottle Sticker is a specialized NFC tag tailored for wine bottles, incorporating the advanced NTAG424 DNA TT chip. This tag is not just about security; it’s about enhancing the overall experience for both producers and consumers.

Features and Specifications

High-Level Security
The NTAG424 DNA TT chip embedded in these stickers offers state-of-the-art security features, including AES-128 encryption and Secure Unique NFC (SUN) message capabilities. This ensures each tag generates a unique authentication code upon every read, making counterfeiting virtually impossible.

Tamper-Evident Design
One of the standout features of these NTAG424 DNA TT Wine Bottle Sticker is their tamper-evident design. Once applied, the stickers cannot be removed without being damaged, thereby providing an immediate visual indication of tampering. This feature is crucial for maintaining the integrity and authenticity of high-value products like fine wines.

Environmental Friendly Material
NTAG424 DNA TT Wine Bottle Sticker Made from eco-friendly materials such as PP paper, PVC, and PET, these stickers are not only secure but also sustainable. They can be directly printed with ribbons, offering flexibility in customization and branding.

NTAG424 DNA TT Wine Bottle Sticker Manufacturer and Supplier Details

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The NTAG424 DNA TT Wine Bottle Sticker is ideal for various applications beyond wine bottles. It is suitable for any product requiring high-level security and authentication, including spirits, luxury goods, and pharmaceuticals. The tamper-evident feature is especially valuable in preventing counterfeiting and ensuring product integrity.

Why Choose RFID Tag Maker?

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The NTAG424 DNA TT Wine Bottle Sticker by RFID Tag Maker sets a new benchmark in the realm of product authentication and security. With its advanced features, eco-friendly materials, and tamper-evident design, it provides an unparalleled solution for protecting high-value items. Whether for wine bottles or other luxury goods, this NFC tag ensures authenticity and peace of mind for both producers and consumers.

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