Pre-loaded sterile FDX PIT tags fish 2.12*8mm

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our Pre-loaded Sterile FDX PIT Tags for Fish represent a significant advancement in fisheries management technology. With unrivaled precision, reliability, and ease of use, these tags empower fisheries professionals to gather accurate data and make informed decisions. Join us in our mission to promote sustainable fisheries practices and safeguard our aquatic ecosystems for future generations.






Enhancing Fisheries Management with Pre-loaded Sterile FDX PIT Tags for Fish

In today’s rapidly evolving world of fisheries management, precision and efficiency are paramount. As stewards of aquatic ecosystems, we recognize the critical role that proper identification plays in sustainable fisheries practices. That’s why we’re proud to introduce our latest innovation: Pre-loaded Sterile FDX PIT Tags for Fish.

The Importance of Proper Fish Identification

Effective fisheries management hinges on accurate data collection and analysis. From monitoring population dynamics to tracking migration patterns, proper fish identification lays the foundation for informed decision-making. Traditional tagging methods often fall short in terms of accuracy and longevity. However, with our Pre-loaded Sterile FDX PIT Tags, we’re revolutionizing the way fisheries professionals approach fish identification.

Unrivaled Precision and Reliability

Our Pre-loaded Sterile FDX PIT Tags are engineered to deliver unparalleled precision and reliability. Each tag is pre-loaded with a sterile microchip, ensuring a seamless and sanitary tagging process. With a size of 2.12mm, our tags are suitable for a wide range of fish species, from small fry to large adults. Whether you’re studying salmon in the Pacific Northwest or tracking trout in the Appalachians, our PIT tags provide the accuracy and longevity you need for your research endeavors.

Streamlined Tagging Process

Gone are the days of cumbersome tagging procedures. Our Pre-loaded Sterile FDX PIT Tags streamline the tagging process, allowing fisheries professionals to tag more fish in less time. With a user-friendly applicator and hassle-free insertion process, tagging fish has never been easier. Plus, our tags are compatible with a variety of scanning devices, ensuring seamless integration into your existing fisheries management protocols.

Ensuring Data Integrity and Traceability

In the realm of fisheries management, data integrity is non-negotiable. Our Pre-loaded Sterile FDX PIT Tags are equipped with unique identification numbers, enabling precise individual tracking. Whether you’re conducting mark-recapture studies or monitoring fish movement within a habitat, our tags provide the traceability you need to confidently analyze your data.

Environmental Stewardship

At the heart of our mission is a commitment to environmental stewardship. That’s why our Pre-loaded Sterile FDX PIT Tags are manufactured with sustainability in mind. Our tags are constructed from biocompatible materials that minimize environmental impact, ensuring that our fisheries resources are protected for generations to come.

PIT Transponder Parameters
Frequency 134.2KHz
Protocol ISO 11784/11785GB/T 20563-2006
Working Mode FDX
Shock IEC 68‐2‐29
Vibration IEC 68‐2‐6
Protection standard IP67
Microchip Type EM4305/Hitag-S256/SIC7999
Data Memory 512 bit/256 bit /192 bit RW
Dimension Ø 2.12 x 8 mm
Optional Size Ø1.25*7mm Ø1.4*8mm Ø3*13mm Ø3*15mm Ø4*22mm Ø4*30mm
Weight 100MG+/-35MG
Operating Temperature -25°C – +85°C
Storage Temperature -40°C – +90°C
Housing Material Bio glass 8625Surface biological antiskid coating(ParylenePoly p-xylene) antibacterial antiallergic
Implanted Way Subcutaneous tissue implantation / injection
Life Span More than 20 years
Syringe & Packagin
Syringe Color White
Syringe Material Polypropylene
Syringe Dimension 120mm x 10mm
sterilize EO(ethylene oxide) gas disinfection
Packing Sterilization bag
Packing Detail It contains disposable syringe poly (p-xylene) – coated glass tube barcode label and sterilized packaging paper plastic bag


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