Tamper Proof RFID tag on car windshield

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Tamper-resistant RFID windshield tags are specifically designed for fast and reliable vehicle identification and registration. Passive RFID windshield tags are optimized to work on car windshields for a variety of automatic vehicle identification applications, tracking vehicles entering and exiting parking lots, car washes, and various stations. Ideal for automation such as access control, membership/loyalty programs, parking passes, electronic road toll collection or insurance information verification. Simply apply this handy RFID windshield tag to any glass surface. This kind of label cannot be removed, because the antenna specially designed by us cannot be moved once it is attached. If it is moved forcibly, the antenna will break and no longer work.

Tamper-resistant RFID windshield tags Features:
Withstands Toughest Conditions: higher/lower temperature, high humidity and condensates, UV-resistant, chemical resistant, outdoor applications
Perfect RFID Performance: Up to 9m [30ft] reading range when vehicle speed up to 60km/h
Anti-Tamper Security: Prevents tag removal and reuse
Full customization: Surface printing, variable data process, etc.

Tamper-resistant RFID windshield tagsTechnical parameters :
1)Chip avalable Ntag 213, F08, Icode2, untralight slix, S50, Ultralight 1V1, ST-lri2k  H3, M4QT, M4E, M5
2)Operating mode Read and write
3)Size :  customized
4)Antenna material : Aluminum or copper
5)Tag surface material :  Customized . Like coated paper ,PP, PET etc
6) Operating temperature -25 °C to 70 °C
7) We accept customized services, like antenna design, tag surface material, color printing and TID printing .
Applications : warehouse management , asset management , facility management , metal objects management etc.

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