UHF 80~960 MHz Asset Tracking Anti Metal Rfid Tag

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Anti Metal RFID Tag Description:

UHF 80~960 MHz Asset Tracking RFID Metal Tags can work in high-temperature environment, stable performance, very suitable for IT assets requiring narrow RFID metal tags, such as computer host, switch, server chassis, aluminum strip and shelf identification, vehicle( logistic) and other asset management.

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UHF Asset Tracking Tag Advantages:

This Anti Metal RFID Tag is resistant to high temperature,good reading distance,low temperature resistance,waterproof,acid-proof,alkali-proof,anti-collision and other functions,suitable for use on metal surfaces with harsh environments.

  • Data and Power Supply are transmitted in a non-contact manner(no battery power required)
  • Real Anti-collision:Allow multiple tags to be read at the same time.
  • Each Tag has an unchangeable identification(Serial Number) to ensure the unique of each tag
  • Waterproof,Anti-collision,Durable
  • Adopt Anti-metal design to effectively prevent metal interference to radio frequency signals

UHF RFID Anti Metal Tag Specifications:



Size:155x32x10mm, 79x31x10mm

Storage space:EPC≥96bits,User Momery 512bits

Reading distance:0-10m (relates with the antenna,reader and working environment)

Protocol:ISO 18000-6C

Read/Write Times:1000000 Times

Data Conserving:10 Years

Operating Temperature: -20℃ ~ +85℃

Working Temperature:-0℃~+50℃

Installation Method:3M adhesive backing,Screw bolts,Rivets,Magnet Fixed

Chip Support:Alien H3/H4 Impinj M4QT/MR6 NXP U7/U8

Package:200pcs/bag,2000pcs/carton box


  • Metal Article Management
  • Asset Management
  • Power Management
  • Mold Management
  • Machinery Management


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