UHF 860-960 MHz Container Tracking RFID E Seal

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Product Description:

RFID E seal also called rfid bolt seals , designed with a dead lock, which cannot be rotated or twisted. mainly applies in containers tracking in global shipping.

This passive rfid bolt seals works without battery and the reading distance can reach to 2~3 meters with handheld reader.

By using this E-seal, can enhance the efficiently of customs clearance and create a secure, accountable and favourable barrier-free clearance environment for international trade.

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RFID E Seal Specificiation:

UHF Chip: Alien H4
Material: Carton Steel and ABS Plastic body
Operation Frequency: 860~960MHz
Protocol:EPC Global C1 G2/ ISO 18000-6C
EPC: 128 Bit
TID: 64 Bit
User Memory: 128 Bits
Reading range: 3~10 Meters (reader dependent)
Size: Pin-76mm, Body-67mm
Reading feature: Non-contact, Passive, Ready-only, Non-directional.


Key Feature:

  1. High security, conform to ISO-17712 standard
  2. Laser engraved serial number or ID number on the body of rfid seal
  3. It’s disposable, non-function after cut or damaged.
  4. Cannot read any rfid data before locking
  5. Can read the rfid data after locked.
  6. Excellent quality standard maintained in manufacturing.



  • Global Container Tracking
  • Gas, Oil, Truck or other Vehicle tracking


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