UHF 860-960 MHz PPS RFID Laundry Tags

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Laundry Tags For Clothes Description:

Laundry tags for clothes are round RFID transponder, RFID laundry tag is resistant to high temperature, chemical, strong mechanical stresses or pressure. RFID PPS washable tag is also suitable for industrial application. It helps identification and tracking of clothes and industrial products, dramatically improves the working efficiency.


PPS RFID Laundry tag Advantages:

  • Batch scanning identification,no single scanning,convenient manual handover and management the work, convenient and easy to use.
  • Improve work efficiency and economic benefits,save personnel expenses and reduce costs.
  • Record laundry information,can generate various reports,can query the history at any time, track and print out the information you need.

Laundry Tag UHF Rfid Specifications:

  • LF chip: TK4100, EM4200, T5577, EM4305
  • HF chip: Mifare 1K S50, Ultralight, Ntag213, Ultralight-C, Desfire,  I-Code SLI
  • UHF chip: Alien H3
  • Material: PPS + Epoxy resin
  • Size: Dia15mm, Dia20mm, Dia25mm, Dia30mm
  • Thickness: 2.8mm
  • Color: Black
  • Installation Method: Sewing / Hanging
  • Protection Level: IP68
  •  Performance spec: Operation temperature:  -25 to +180C
  • Operation Frequency: 125KHz,  13.56MHz,860-960Mhz
  • Protocol: 125KHz, ISO 14443A/15693/ 18000-6C
  • Feature Spec:
  1. Withstand high temperature

2. Feature: Water-proof, Shock-proof, Washable

3. Adopts one-piece injection craft and PPS material, can be washed & soaked, can be rubbed repeatedly, can be ironed directly.

  • Packing Detail:  100PCS/ bag

PPS High Temperature RFID Laundry Tag Application :

  • Clothing and linen washing: in the management of collection, disinfection, industrial washing, sorting and distribution of clothing and textiles such as hotels, hospitals, factory clothes, etc., the inventory of the laundry can be quickly completed by using Laundry RFID Tags And warehouse work.
  • Personnel management in special areas: the staff who are not suitable for wearing badges to wear work clothes with embedded RFID washing tags. Through Laundry RFID Tags and personnel information association, They can automatically authorize to enter the workshop, and count the attendance data such as personnel in and out time.
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