UHF Gen 2 ABS Metal Mount RFID Tag

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ABS Metal Mount Rfid Tag Description:

ABS Metal Mount Rfid Tag , also known as rfid Anti-metal tag, is made of high temperature resistant ABS plastic / metal shielding material / epoxy resin potting and ultrasonic welding. It has good quality and performance. It is suitable for inspection of large open-air power equipment, large tower and pole, large elevator, pallet management, large pressure vessel, liquefied gas cylinder, safety inspection and factory equipment management, Line inspection, metal bridge construction material inspection, tunnel inspection, machine identification, vehicle management license plate, metal container management, product safety supervision and security management of all kinds of electric household equipment.


Our Rfid Anti Metal Tag Advantages:

  • Stable Performance
  • Fast Long-distance Reading
  • Heat-resistant, Sun-resistant
  • Easy to install

ABS Metal Mount Rfid Tag Specifications:

Chip: UHF Alien / Impinj/ NXP
Color:Black, yellow, red, green, blue, pink etc.

Performance Spec:

Operation temperature:  -20 to +120C
Operation Frequency:  860~9620MHz
Protocol:  ISO 18000-6C(EPC Gen2)
Reading range: 8M (reader and power dependant)

Feature Spec:

Waterproof, shockproof ;
With adhesive, also can fix with screw;
Silkscreen printing logo
Laser print number

Installation method: with 3M adhesive, Mechanical installation (bolt, willow nail)

Packing Detail: 10pcs/bag, 500pcs/CTN


RFID Metal Tags Application Scenario:

1. Inventory location and abnormal alarm: each cargo location is equipped with RFID ABS anti-metal tags. When the objects are found to be misaligned during inspection or inventory, the reader will send an alarm to remind the staff.

2. Automatic management of warehouse entry and exit: RFID Mount Metal Tags are installed on each pallet. When the forklift loads the pallet goods in and out of the warehouse, it can realize the whole process without manual intervention and automatic data update.

3. Real-time warehouse inventory: each piece of goods or shelves is equipped with ABS Metal Mount Rfid Tag. Warehouse managers can use handheld readers to take inventory, which can greatly save inventory time. The inventory data can be uploaded to the background in real time, and can be updated many times in one day,to improve the accuracy of inventory.



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