RFID Tire Tags Revolutionizing Tire Management and Cost Control

Michelin, a global tire manufacturer, is leading the way in tire innovation by integrating Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) tire tags into all of its truck tires. This strategic move aims to provide commercial truck customers with valuable data to help manage their ongoing tire costs effectively.

RFID Tire Tags Revolutionizing Tire Management and Cost Control
RFID Tire Tags Revolutionizing Tire Management and Cost Control 2

The Power of RFID Tire Tags

RFID tire tags are passive electronic chips that exchange data with a reader using radio frequency signals. These tags, embedded into tires, ensure reliable identification of each tire, forming the basis for data-driven services and solutions. This RFID platform allows fleets to better track their tire assets and understand the lifecycle of their tire casings.

Ralph Dimenna, COO of the Michelin Americas Truck Tires division, emphasized the importance of RFID tire tags during a meeting at the 2017 Technology & Maintenance Council (TMC) annual conference. He noted that feedback from Michelin’s fleet advisory council indicated that more detailed tire information could help them better deal with the “pain points” of their businesses.

A Global Platform

Michelin has added RFID tags to all of its truck tires, not just the ones it sells in the U.S. “This is a worldwide platform; they are now in 98% of our [truck tire] products worldwide,” Dimenna emphasized. These standard tags can be accessed by anyone with an RFID reader, making them a universal solution for tire management.

Enhancements to Michelin Tire Care Service

In addition to the integration of RFID tire tags, Michelin is also rolling out enhancements to its Michelin Tire Care service, launched in 2015. This service is designed to assist fleets in identifying and addressing tire issues that lead to downtime, low mileage, high fuel costs, and safety risks.

Michelin reported that 20% of the vehicles inspected via its tire care program over the last year were “Red Tag” events, critical situations that require immediate attention. A further 63% of vehicles inspected were flagged with “Yellow Tags,” highlighting issues that can lead to longer-term costs.

The Impact of RFID Tire Tags

The impact of RFID tire tags and the Michelin Tire Care service is evident in the experiences of customers like Ron Reid, operations manager for New York-based Transervice Logistics. Reid noted that the program helped his fleet cut its average emergency roadside service (ERS) calls per month from 5.5 down to 2.5, saving $2,000 per month.

Upgrades to the Program

Michelin is adding several upgrades to this program, including improved program hardware and software, an actionable fleet dashboard, Red Tag Resolution, new pricing options, Self Fit, and Road Ready.

The integration of RFID tire tags into tires is revolutionizing tire management and cost control in the automotive industry. As we move towards a more connected and data-driven world, the importance of technologies like RFID tire tags cannot be overstated.



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