RFID Security Seals

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Product Description:

This RFID Security Seals can be embeded with 125KHz (TK4100), 13.56MHz(Mifare 1K, Ntag213) and UHF 860-960 MHz (Impinj J41) chips for Electricity/ Water Meter Management.


Each rfid seals has a unique ID code, to read the ID code on the water meter by the handheld reader to determine the water meter user, Bond the rfid security seals with water user information(such as user name, address, installation time, installer, etc), and the user’s water meter is regular checked, to carry out water safety inspection and supervision, accurately identify the identity of the water meter.

This tag that have been sealed can only be inspected and unpacked, and cannot be sealed again. The lead seal that has been opened, when the information is read, the seal is shown to be unusable, which prevents confusion in the use of the lead seal.

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RFID Security Seals Specification:

Chip:  TK4100, Mifare 1K, I-Code SLI, Ntag213, UHF Impinj J41
Material: Plastic
Size: 21*23*9mm, steel wire length 250mm
Operation temperature: -40 to +85C
Operation Frequency: 125KHz, 13.56MHz, 860~960MHz
Protocol: ISOISO11784/11785/ 14443A/ ISO 18000-6C(EPC Gen2)
Reading range: HF 0-10CM, UHF 3-6M (depends on reader)
Tensile Strength:  F≥20KG
The chip data collection can meet the design of 120,000 data reads


Key Feature:

1. Anti-counterfeiting and anti-theft
There is an RFID chip inside each rfid security seal, which has a unique ID number, which cannot be counterfeited, completely eliminates water theft, and reduces the loss of water companies.

2. Information management
RFID seal tag can record user name, user number, address information, meter number, meter reading (meter reading) while meeting the purpose of sealing. Upload data to the management background in real time.

3. Process authority management
You can configure the user name, account and password, configure job roles, sealers, inspectors, and unpackers. Different personnel have different permissions and cannot be operated without permission.



  • Electricity Meter Management
  • Water Meter Management
  • gas tank
  • Filling machine
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